Colorado in January


36 thoughts on “Colorado in January

  1. Almost pretty Colleen. You’re in the Springs aren’t you? Seems typical. My sis moved there 40 years ago for the snow, and was happy with the amount for several years, but now it seems as if we are getting more back here than she is. Youngest sis is in Monument, last A.F. assignment being the Air Force Academy, so they live about 17 miles apart, mainly straight up. If it were not for my MS I would be there also, but MS and mountains don’t play well together, so I am still home in Kentucky. I would love to send our snow your way, but we didn’t get much and it’s already dirty looking. Still more than I ever wanted since I was about 8 years old though.
    Hugs, Angie

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      1. I love it there also, and have visited Black Forest while visiting my Sis. That was before I was DX’d with MS though. Always wondered why I was so sick when I returned from my visits to CO, and am still devastated by the DX,. And so not fair that you have my temp. Wanna switch?
        We are supposed to get in the 50’s next week some time, but not sure if the sun will make an appearance again before May. Win a few, lose a few, and laugh at the absurdity of it all.

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          1. I think wishes do come true Colleen. Today we have sunshine, warm breezes, and the temperature is very temperate for January. Hehehe. Cute, huh?

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  2. Love the picture! Colorado is so beautiful, I tried to move back home in 2009 from here, lasted about 9 months & back here I came! The reason we moved back here was caused we missed the Mountains!! Thank you for sharing.
    I have nominated you for the 3-day quote challenge

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    1. Thank you so much for nominating me for the 3 day quote challenge. At this moment, I find I cannot participate. I am working on my manuscript for my book and have a deadline. Thank you for thinking of me, though! I love quotes! ❤


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