Should you start a blog?

I have noticed a trend with many of the authors I come in contact with through my book reviews – they don’t have a blog. Here is an alternative view to having a blog to sell your books. Worth a view! ❤

Should you start a blog?

Source: Should you start a blog?

8 thoughts on “Should you start a blog?

  1. I joined a course on how to sell and market your book by a fairly popular writer who says, in no uncertain terms, that blogs don’t sell books, fiction books that is. For non-fiction it can be very useful to have a blog and blog on the topic of your expertise or what you write about. For him, anything that takes away time from writing or specific marketing, is not worth it. I guess it’s part of branding, but blogging about writing, for instance, will be interesting to other writers, but not necessarily to the majority of the reading public. Of course, most writers can’t live of their writing and do other things. I enjoy blogging and the connections I’ve made through it, but….

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    1. I know what you mean. The time spent on the blog detracts from my writing. I noticed you went .com away from WP. What do you think? I am thinking of getting rid of blog loving and Tumblr, too. I have cut back on comments and such because of time constraints. I love the connections, too but I understand what you are saying. Good writing sells books I think. 😉❤️


  2. Thanks for this post. I like some of the people I’ve met here but checking the website every day, never mind actually blogging, takes up too much time. I’ve been thinking if I was better at blogging I’d sell more books. Glad to hear it isn’t so …course, I still have no clue how to sell books 🙂

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