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I love this idea! Start a dream journal to make your characters come to life! ❤

People often ask me for writing advice, and they’re surprised when the first thing I tell them is to keep a dream journal. In fact, many people look downright suspicious, perhaps fearing I’ll go on to advise them to use healing crystals, or only to write when Mercury is in the ascendant. But keeping a… Read More »

Source: Use Your Dreams To Be Endlessly Creative | Write to Done


  1. I keep one by my bed for dreams and also, to puzzle out things in my WIP even as I edit. It really helps me to focus on my story as I go through. I find at the end of my day, my mind is freer to figure things out. It also helps me to get going the next day easier.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this article with us! It’s a great inspiration for writers as well as anyone who wants to tap into the meaning behind their dreams. Mine usually disappear from my mind after a few seconds after waking up but it’s good to know we can train ourselves to remember more… Oh and how interesting about Paul McCartney!
    Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday, here in NYC it’s in the 40s … What a difference a week makes!
    Lots of love,

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    1. Hi, my dear friend Lia! We are getting some snow finally. It looks like winter has returned to Colorado! It will be cold and snowy all week. I am ready! I have a new fluffy leggings to wear and a new dressing gown! LOL! These are my writing clothes and I am going to hammer away at my keyboard all week. I am so glad to hear you are getting some warmer weather. Hopefully there will not be too many problems with the snow melt. Have an amazing day! Hugs and Love to you! ❤

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      1. Oh I can picture you all cozy and bundled up as you sit and write:)) What a great way to spend a snowy week! Here the snow is practically but a memory . Just grey mounds at street corners (sigh)… The city isn’t pretty after the slush comes! Oh well I bet we aren’t done with snow for the winter yet! Much love to you my friend!

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