Diet Plan and Weight Watching-Week 7 update

From World’s Kitchen is back with some really good thoughts about weight loss! ❤

From World's Kitchen

Hello my lovely friends,Hope you are all doing fine . I am back again with an update from my Diet Plan and Weight Watching. I have not posted anything lately on my blog . Firstly , forgive me for being lazy and secondly I was sick last week,  that means it was a no diet week , only sleeping and resting at home . I  had a flu , thanks to my sinus and this cold weather , that also means I didnt go out much on walks.

Last two weeks I didnt follow my diet plan , only took care of  eating healthy , as a result my weight had no changes. Since I was home , I tried quite many recipes , Will post soon  for now pictures only 🙂

Frankly speaking I was bored  from 6 weeks  of Dieting and recording my calories, the weight was reducing slowly but my motivation…

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