Authors Supporting Authors – Meet Author, ERIKA KIND

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to my friend, Erika Kind, who has just released her new book called, “101 Kind Quotes – Daily Inspirations.”

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Those of you that follow and love Erika, know that she has shared inspirational quotes on her blog for a couple of years now. I cannot tell you the number of times that I have received motivation and purpose from her words! Although we have never met in real life, I feel like I already know her! ❤

All of the quotes in her book are of her own photographs and words. Here is a sample of the daily inspiration you can find:

You always know you are reading a “Kind Quote,” because Erika’s trademark blue butterfly will always appear on each photo.

Author, Erika Kind

From her blog:

Hi, I am Erika! I was born in Vienna but grew up in another part of Austria and in the Principality of Liechtenstein (within the Swiss alps) where I still live.  I am running a Practice for Aromatherapy and Self-Development. I am a singer and author.

For a long time, I was dominated and controlled by fears and outside influences.  From teenage times to adulthood my life was overshadowed by destructive thought patterns. One day I stood up and started to face my fears one by one. My life changed completely.  Today I grab my chances and lead the life I always wished for. In order to share my wonderful insights I wrote I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!

When I started blogging in May 2014 I had no idea what this was about. I did it in order to promote my book and was trained therefore by my publisher.

After 10 months of increased and intensified interactions, of finding dear friends all over the world, and so much love everywhere, I changed again and so did my blog. It got so much more personal and has developed to a blog from soul to soul. It has become a place for everyone to pause for a moment, to lighten up the heart, to smile, to get inspired, and to fuel with good vibes.

We are all wonderful beings who came into this world in order to explore, discover, experience, create and simply enjoy the lifetime in a human body with all senses. I want you to open your heart in order to hear, see, and feel clearer about yourself, your life, and the world.

Therefore, we need the happenings in our lives as sign posts and tools. It is neither good nor bad – it simply is. Whatever happens has its reason in order to show us something or make us develop something. Life is simply all about living with everything it has in store for us.

Reach out for the stars but only as high as your feet still touch the ground!

In Love and Light!

I hope you all enjoyed meeting Erika. Here is where else you can find her:

Thanks for stopping by to meet another great author and friend. I enjoyed seeing you all!




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  1. OMG, Colleen, I have no words. You made this so beautiful and thoughtful. I thank you very much for that most lovely support. I feel exactly the same. Although we never met in person, it feels as if we knew each other forever. You are a wonderful and true friend. Thank you for the loveliness and warmth you are granting me. I thank you from my heart for the effort of creating such an honoring post for my book! I love you lots and I wish I could hug you in person right now! I hope you can feel it 💖💖💖

    Liked by 1 person

          1. I think so too. This community to me is a role model for the bigger world outside. Definitely there for one another 💖 tons of hugs… I guess I had to travel with an empty suitcase 😀

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on Erika Kind and commented:
    Colleen told me that she wants to present my book on her blog. But how she did it and her lovely words are more than I had ever expected. Thank you so very much, Colleen! You are not only a wonderfully supportive person but also you are a true friend. I am so thankful that we are connected and that we know each other for about 1 1/2 years already 💖


  3. This book sounds absolutely delightful. Thanks for sharing – I think we could all use a little daily inspiration and beauty. Although we are inspired by many people and in many ways, sometimes it takes a powerful quote to make us pause and consider a different perspective as we start the beginning of a new day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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