Mindful Monday – Healthy Living: How to CONTROL Your Inner PIG!

Welcome to Mindful Monday – Healthy Living! Each week I try to examine new or sometimes old things about myself on my journey to becoming healthier. I have found that being mindful encompasses the act of being watchful, aware, wary, heedful, alert, careful, or attentive, in whatever area in my life I feel it applies to, as I attempt to live in the present. Come and join me on my journey. You never know what you will learn about yourself.

…to all of you who have left comments and cheered me on and are interested in accompanying me on this journey to healthy living! Together, we can offer support and ideas to make this road to “healthy,” a fun journey!

My hope is that you will all visit the posts of everyone who participated last week. You can find their blog links and comments on last week’s post HERE. Stop by and say hello! You just might make someone’s day!

Each week I want to share one of your links or comments that motivated me:


I do want to introduce everyone to Angie, from the blog, Kentucky Angel. Angie has been living with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) since she was fifteen years old! If you want to put your journey to healthy into perspective, listen to Angie and experience her life firsthand.

This is what she had to say last week:

“Colleen, you are truly amazing. For the weight gain thing–don’t sweat it. Stress does strange things to us, and that is one of them. The walking is the best, and I sure envy that part. I miss walking so much. And moderation is the name of the game in every aspect of life, so you are definitely on the right track there. Follow that track to the end and you will love the journey and have very few detours.

As for Aspartame, like all other additives, it can be okay or it can be bad, depending on the system of the person using it. For me, it is pure poison. It took a long time to figure out that is what was causing the debilitating headaches, but by the process of elimination we finally got to the Aspartame added products, and life became normal for me again.

It isn’t only dieted soda, but all “no sugar added” products that I have to watch out for, so trips to the grocery are not pleasurable adventures most of the time. I spend more reading time there now than I do here at home, and labels are not my first choice when it comes to reading material. I have found it impossible to use any sugar substitute, having had side effects to each one of them, with the craziest one being a tendency to overeat when using Stevia. Crazy kind of side effect but it caused such rapid weight gain even I couldn’t find anything to laugh at, and that is serious business indeed.

So keep up the good work, and I do mean GOOD work. You are a very inspiring person, and I realize how much time this takes from your writing schedule. It helps me to eat the right foods, even though I am underweight rather than over, and need to gain for the first time in my life. This is a new experience for me, and I’m not sure I enjoy looking like a scarecrow or a bag of bones.

At least, I get some fun prescriptions from my doctor, like “eat the entire loaf of bread”, given last Friday when she visited while my garlic bread was baking. I love orders like that.

Colleen, before I lost my ability to swallow without choking, I was a real oinker. Then I began choking on everything and would have starved if I hadn’t tried Hersey’s squares or rectangles, or whatever they are called. I would break off a sliver and put it in my mouth to melt slowly and trickle down my throat, and that was the only thing I could get into my system — one small sliver each day for months on end, along with thickened liquids.

By the time the chocolate became toxic to me, I was able to eat bananas, with peanut butter thinly smeared on them, and drink regular smoothies with added nutrients. I’ve had speech therapy to help me learn some tricks for preventing the problems, and also for clearing my throat if I start choking, so I’m eating a mostly normal diet now, just less food, and when I begin to cough that is a sign to stop.

My only real problem is trying to find pants that are my size now. Every place I shop the smallest I can find is usually a medium if I’m lucky, and I’m not a lucky person. We have mainly XXX sizes around here, and I don’t want to have to find a ride to Louisville or Evansville just for an inflated priced pair of jeans.

And I guess that does make me lucky, because if that’s the worst problem I ever have in my life, I really don’t have any problems to complain about.
Many hugs my friend.”

That conversation with Angie really got me thinking about my own journey. Here I was concentrating on results in the form of weight loss instead of the actual journey to healthy I really hoped to attain. I was on the wrong path and I knew it!

THEN… another strange thing happened to make me sit up and take notice. I stumbled across a “FREE” book entitled, “Never Binge Again,” by Glenn Livingston, Ph.D. Here is a link to the website: neverbingeagain.com, and a link to the FREE book on Amazon, Never Binge Again.
Included with the book are links to additional resources that you can download for reference later.

I began to read this book and it suddenly occurred to me that this was the behavior I had indulged in for most of my life! Then it really got good. Dr. Livingston, says we all have that inner pig! I took a test to determine if I was being controlled by my inner pig! Of course, I was! I was not surprised, though. I knew it deep down in my heart.

Silver meets her INNER PIG

You know that voice that speaks up every time you want to eat that bag of Doritos or scarf up an entire bag of chocolates. Yep! That one. The voice that tells you to go ahead and eat what you want because you really need it because you are so hungry! That voice is the PIG – your FAT thinking SELF! You are not the pig but the pig does live inside you, hypothetically of course. 😀


The general idea behind the book is that for those of us who have a hard time sticking to a diet or healthy lifestyle change is the fact that our survival drive has gone on the fritz. Even though we try to be rational about eating correctly, the PIG rears his ugly head and convinces us that we are wrong. The end result is that we let ourselves overeat. The food HIGH is a real thing. Do you agree?

Dr. Livingston’s no-nonsense approach is easy. He advocates that all we have to do is to stop bingeing! Sound easy? Actually, I think it is. I have been employing this technique all week and it has been successful! Here is what I did:

  • I started to define my own personal food plan and made the decision to stick to it 100%
  • I refused to listen to the “pig squeal,” (what the pig tells me I should do and eat) and I refused to eat the “pig slop,” (the foods that I have deemed to not be good for me on my food plan).
  • I have started journaling about my new endeavor because it does help me to think about what the “PIG” (my own thoughts) is using for excuses as to why I should eat something or not.

That’s it! This is one of the first books I have read that takes this approach to dealing with that inner voice in your head. If you think this will help you go for it! I really enjoyed coming to the realization that I was in control of my destiny, not my inner pig.

Image credit: Fitwoman.com
(read more on the website)


I did better on my healthy goals last week because I came clean with myself about my eating habits. I exercised, I ate correctly, I stayed away from the foods that I KNOW make me gain weight. GUESS WHAT? I had results!

I also decided that I am not going to talk about how many pounds I lost or gained. I am only going to talk about results. The more I concentrate on how much I gained or lost the more frustrated I became. I have adopted the “healthy” approach. That is to say that I did what was right for me.

Image credit: Viral Weight Loss, Tumblr

How about you? What are your healthy living goals for the week?

Have a wonderful week! If you would like to join me in your own healthy living journey, please do. Use whatever program works for you. You do not even have to follow a program if you don’t want to. The whole idea is to start thinking about ways that you can become healthier and fit. This includes going gluten-free, fat-free, lactose-free, starting an exercise program, or even a new way of eating such as becoming a vegetarian. If it has to do with becoming healthy, write about it!


Remember, this is not a challenge.  Each of us has different goals that we wish to attain. This is an offering of support and a place where my online community can come to participate in attaining a healthy lifestyle.  If you would like to join in with your own Mindful Monday – Healthy Living goals you can do so in the comments, or on a separate post of your own making.  If you want to link back to my post, please feel free to do so, however, it is not necessary. Each week I will include a link to the previous week’s post where readers can find your links and comments from the previous week. My main aim here is to give and get support to become more mindful of my journey to healthy living.

Thanks for being part of my fabulous journey to a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to share your journey. ❤ No matter what your goals are in becoming more healthy, together we can do it!


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