Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge

Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Romance”

Welcome!  This is an open invitation to join in on our blogging event called the “Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge,” co-sponsored with Ronovan, of Ronovan Writes, and myself.

Ronovan and I have decided to change it up! Spring is in the air and it is time for something different! We have retired BeWow (Be Writing on Wednesday).

This is your chance to highlight your favorite author’s quotes that give inspiration to you as a writer. Do you feel like your writing is getting stale? Are you looking for inspiration to keep writing? Then you have come to right spot!

Each week we will include a theme  for anyone who needs additional inspiration. You don’t have to follow our theme if you don’t want to. It is optional.

In fact, Ronovan and I will alternate each week with a themed prompt post written on Silver Threading. This will give you a different perspective weekly to keep your inspiration flowing. Make sure and join us. You never know what we will come up with!

Silver says this week’s theme is about: “ROMANCE.”

So what do you do?

You select a quote that inspires you. Then, write a short piece of flash fiction or poetry to share with us all using the quote either in your story or as the title of your masterpiece. You can include photos, photo quotes, or anything else that helps to highlight your quote.

Are you ready to join in?

Either create your own sayings (because after all, we are all writer’s here) or use a quote from a famous author that you find gives you inspiration.  Just make sure that credit is given for other’s work.  You can use Fotoflexer or Picmonkey, or any other program that you wish to make your own images. Click the links to go to the programs.

Each Wednesday, we will post the prompt and all you have to do is take part! You have from that Wednesday until the following Tuesday night to share your creativity inspired by a quote. We will share your posts on social media for added exposure.

Each week, we will include a link to the previous week’s post so that you can go to the links and comments to see all the inspiration that was generated.

Please copy the badge above and include it on your own post. Tag your post on your own blog as “Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge,” so we can find the posts in the reader. On your own blog post
do a ping-back to THIS post and make sure to “like” or “comment” on everyone else’s post.  (A pingback is when you embed (or copy) the HTTP:// address of my weekly prompt into your own blog post).

Make sure to check our weekly prompt to see if your entry is there.  You can copy the HTTP:// address of your blog post and include it in the comments section of my original weekly prompt if that works better for you.


A Shattered Romance

I knew when you walked away it would be hard to see you again –

ever in that same way.

I cried when you made the choice to leave,

my heart shattered and defeated.

I let you go like silken strands slipping from my waiting arms

billowing in a heavy breeze.

I felt your essence depart as my heart tried so hard to cleave

to the broken remnants of our love.

I knew our time had passed, our days were gone.  We were through.

I sighed and let the memories of you flow like a gentle rain

through a fog of tears and forever pain.

“That’s the thing about love.

It demands your heart to be broken.”

Thanks for stopping by to be part of our new writing challenge. I know you will love how your creativity flows!

Ronovan Writes and Silver Threading

88 thoughts on “Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Romance””

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  7. Hi, I like the ideas in your new challenge format. Unfortunately, I didn’t read about it until after I had drafted up a Wednesday post–but I also read that there is an overall spirit of flexibility– which is great.

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  9. posted this week’s quote before I saw you had changed it – got so much creativity on my plate at moment with new book and editing think I will have to duck out of this – will pop over every now and then see how you are all doing. I liked the quotes so I think I will continue with those on my own blog – have enjoyed myself with you all – best of luck with new meme:)

    1. Alberta, you can still do your WQW the old way if you like. It is only meant to offer inspiration to those looking for a different challenge. I would miss your presence weekly and the wonderful thoughts you share. <3

      1. Oh great – I will – I enjoyed the post – thanks:) if I ever get these two books out this year I’ll try some flash fiction as a break!

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    1. That is the image, but you don’t HAVE to put an image at all. 🙂 As long as your link ends up here either in ping back or copy and paste … we’re good with it. 🙂

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  18. This looks great Colleen! You and Ron are a wonderful team andI love the idea of this. Your poem was great but very sad, wonderful quote too.
    I am hoping that I will be able to join you. It will probably be in poem form though as I am not so great at flash fiction! 🙂

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  21. I love the revamp, it’s fabulous. You and Ronovan work well together, so I’m excited to see where this will go. Your poem and quote are delicious – the perfect demonstration for this week’s theme. I will try my best to take part. It’s a little difficult at the moment, but hey, it’s romance…how can I not try?! <3

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      1. Annette Rochelle Aben

        Perhaps… not motivated by the theme of romance.. so perhaps another week, maybe.

          1. Annette Rochelle Aben

            You make a point… I could use a break from the book I am editing/laying out, so perhaps. YES another book is set to drop in April (I am a wild woman) so we’ll see… 🙂

  24. Reblogged this on ronovanwrites and commented:

    Here is the new challenge I am co-hosting with Colleen on SilverThreading.com. It combines BeWoW and Writer’s Quote Wednesday. We both felt a need to change things up and move forward. Instead of simply stopping all together, we decided to open things up even wider, give people more opportunities to join in and connect. Any kind of talent can be expressed with this challenge. We even include a Theme of the Week if you need inspiration. Or ignore that and do what you like as long as it involves a quote. Join in and have fun! And most of all CREATE!!!

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  27. Congratulations to both of you for the new chalkenge. It’s creative,,well thought through and I’m sure it will be a continued success.
    I’ve been blogging much less due to my other activities this year, and took a longer than expected break, but I’m slowly returning to post once a week. Most importantly I am dedicating time to visit the blogs I love, like yours.
    Bests wishes and have a lovely day.

    1. Lucile! I have missed you! I know what you mean about being busy. I have been writing like crazy on my book. I have had little time for visits so I totally understand. Thank you for stopping by. Ronovan and I are taking turns with this challenge so that we can continue other writing projects. I will visit you soon. Hugs to you Lucile! ❤️❤️❤️

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