WordPress Gremlins?


Is it just me, or has anyone else had problems with WordPress this week? My biggest issue is that I cannot get the little comment box to work on the black border menu of my blog. I cannot retrieve messages there at all since I changed to the Libretto theme.

Interestingly, I can go to the comments, or someone else’s blog and retrieve my messages… just not on my own blog.

Has anyone else had these problems? Could it be something wrong with my computer?

I can retrieve the messages on my blog on my laptop but not my HP desktop computer?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have cleared my cache, updated Google Chrome…

Thanks in advance!


47 thoughts on “WordPress Gremlins?

  1. Sounds like it may either mean you need to go into your settings and check everything is ticked that you want ticked (and saved), or, that it’s a flaw in your new theme Colleen
    If your settings are all ok, try another theme, or go back to your old one to see if it works ok there.

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    1. Thanks, Chris. I think it is this theme. I didn’t have the problem before. Ah well, what do you do? WordPress was no help fixing the issue either. They said I had an old version of Google for my toolbar but that was updated too. I do believe it is theme related… ❤

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  2. I’ve found all things digital seem to kick off at certain times of year, March being one of them. I’m having trouble with Google Chrome itself at the moment – glacially slow, with frequent appearances of that ‘page unresponsive’ message with the moronic graphic of a frozen computer wearing a scarf. Every time I see that I want to grab both ends of the scarf and strangle the wretched thing.

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  3. I’m having similar problems and a good few others this week. So are many other people. Pingbacks not working, site freezing and locking folk out, comments and notifications disappearing, stats down… the usual when they are up to stuff 😦 x

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        1. They have been doing some of that. It is a real pain. This one will do, and I like it as much and it works. Libretto is a new theme and I had problems with it. Change is always right around the corner.


          1. No, I know what you mean. I think as the old themes get older they do have to upgrade them into other better operating themes. Although, as I said mine was new. Glitches in the code is what I believe. ❤


  4. Not quite the same problem, but I’ve noticed issues with responding to comments. I can’t always enter into the comment box provided, and it takes me into “Notifications”…the only place I can enter a response. It’s happened for weeks now. Not sure why ?

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    1. No for me It was the theme. I could not access comments or use the like buttons. Once I changed the theme everything worked. I only had libretto for a week and it would not work. Gremlins! LOL! My new theme is fine. ❤️

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  5. It’s too bad you couldn’t make the Libretto theme work for you. It works fine for me. I wonder what the difference is. Who knows? The first theme I ever used when I began blogging gave me fits, but other people had no trouble with it. Even later, when I tried to go back to it and use it again it still wouldn’t work for me.

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  6. Glad you got it sorted out, Colleen. As Sue mentioned, there were lots of problems with WordPress last week and the week before. Different people experiencing different problems on different days. It happened to me last Tuesday when I was locked out of WordPress for most of the day. Then, it all came back on again. 😀
    I would recommend holding off using brand new themes until they’ve ironed out all the bugs.

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    1. Thanks, Hugh. I literally HAD to change my theme. Once I did everything has worked just fine. I did inquire for help from WordPress but they had no answers (of course). I have never had so much trouble before. I lost all my widgets, I could not get comments or click on likes. Actually, I like this theme even better so it all worked out. How are you settling in? Hope all is well. Hugs to you, Hugh! ❤

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      1. It’s a really nice calming theme you have chosen, Colleen.

        We’ve settled in well, but now we’ve just found out we can move into the brand new house on Swansea Bay. Moving in day is April 25th 😀 We’re so excited. With everything coming out of storage, at least we won’t have to pack and unpack within a few days.

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        1. Excellent. We were so worried about that when we moved. It would have been costly to store our household goods and live in a motel until we closed on the house. Our builder was so accommodating. He let us move in early. It saved us a ton of money and worry about storage, etc. April 25th! Nice. They got the issues with the grasses resolved then. I know you are going to love your new house. I know nothing of Swansea Bay. You will have to enlighten me on your blog! ❤

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          1. Yes, the Japanese knotweed is no more, Colleen, and John (as an ex-lawyer) got us some guarantees as to what will happen if it does come back. (Thank goodness I have him). I’ll certainly post some photos of the area on my blog as well as some photos of all the beautiful Welsh countryside we’ll be surrounded by. We are so looking forward to moving in.
            Hope Ron, you and the girls are all well and have settled into your new surroundings?

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          2. I wondered if John had to put on his “wig” and talk to them about that weed! LOL! I eventually want to write about the Welsh fairies… I hear they are quite different from the regular English or even the Irish variety. I will need to do quite a bit of research. You will have to be my wing man on some of the locations. 😉 We are settling in well. We lived in Montana (high desert and open plains) for about 17 years. Colorado is similar, except the elevation is over 6000 feet. It is dry and we do get down sloping winds that are roaring right now as they sweep across the Rocky Mountains eastward. It was 68 degrees F. on Friday and we had a lovely day outside in our tiny back garden planning what we are going to do to decorate it. I want to build a fairy house of some sort for the meadow fairies to find shelter. I will have to brain storm some ideas! Sugar and Spice send kisses to Toby! ❤

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  7. Glad you got everything running smoothly. The same thing happened to me last week. I changed themes a month or two ago, but I’m not sure it had anything to do with the theme. My site works fine this week.

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    1. Mine was a mess! The the WP engineers said they wanted me to change it back because the theme should not affect comments. I told them NO! I had to redo all my widgets. No way! They were no help. Changing the theme corrected the problem. 😬

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