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Spring is in the air and you will feel like Easter is fast approaching when you hear these adorable names! <3

Five hundred years ago, gentlemen used specialized vocabulary when referring to groups of animals. Most of the group names came from The Book of St.

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            1. I am plugging along. I am not on chapter 15. Things are getting really interesting! I hope to be done in a couple of months and will send you a copy to BETA read for me. <3

  1. How about a congregation of alligators, they don’t seem all that religious to me, or maybe a shrewdness of apes. An exultation of skylarks is my favourite I think.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. I honestly didn’t know about these names for the groups Colleen. The pigs were a surprise since we always had pigs around the farm. Just never knew they were called a team. I’ll have to play with this for a while, but just signed up for the Grammarly app, and it’s looking like fun. We could also have some go ’rounds when I want to use my “KY” grammar, but that can also be fun. I wonder if a group of skunks would be called “a skank of skunks”?

      1. No, I hadn’t heard them before. One I do know and love, though I don’t know how it came about is a murmuration of starlings. When hundred and hundreds of them band together and swoop in the sky at dusk.

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