RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #88 Lift & Plan

Each week, Ron of Ronovan Writes gives us an opportunity to spread our “poetry” wings in the form of a haiku. Did you know that writing poetry makes you a better writer? Read about that here.

Ron supplies the prompt words and we take it from there. This week the words are “lift and plan.” Did you ever wonder how I write a haiku?

The structure is quite distinct. There are three lines. The first line must have five syllables, the second line must have seven syllables, and the last line must contain another five syllables. Sound easy?

I do have some tools of the trade that I use for composing my haiku. I like to use Word for my composing. I type each of the words out and then use the Thesaurus to play with the meanings.

Lift = boost, kick, high, buzz, revitalization, tonic, encouragement, raise, elevate, steal, pinch plagiarise, flitch, take, pocket, nick, revoke, cancel, relax, rescind, repeal, lighten, brighten, elate, and uplift.

Plan = strategy, idea, proposal, plot, design, disposition, organization, blueprint, scheme, diagram, map, table, chart, sketch, graph, arrangement, preparation, arrange, design, organize, form, formulate, shape, fashion, plot, conceive, mold, intend, propose, and design.

Look at all the word choices you have! Pick the words with the least amount of syllables. 😀

I am going to use “boost” for lift, and “design” for plan. Now I go to How Many and visit the poetry workshop to write my haiku. This site will actually count the syllables for you.

Your haiku should make sense by using the first two sentences and then using the middle sentence along with the last sentence. Here is an example using my haiku below:

An on the spot boost as spring is under design.

As spring is under design mountain snows fall deep.

Then, to make my haiku a true work of art, I go to and upload my photo. I add the text and frame it.

Here is what I came up with:

An on the spot boost –

as spring is under design,

mountain snows fall deep.

2016 © Copyright-All rights reserved
Colleen M. Chesebro


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will get your own haiku groove on!



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