Silver’s Word of the Week – APOPLECTIC

If it’s Friday – it’s Silver’s Word of the Week!

I decided that it would be fun to offer a different word each week with its meaning and use it in a couple of sentences to see if I could learn some new words to expand my vocabulary. Join me to see if we can incorporate some of these words into our everyday life!

This week’s word is:



Apoplectic is an adjective describing someone who has become furious or for someone to be overcome with anger. says:

Also, apoplectical

1.of or relating to apoplexy.

2.having or inclined to apoplexy.

3.intense enough to threaten or cause apoplexy: an apoplectic rage.


4. a person having or predisposed to apoplexy.

The word origin is from 1605-15:

< Late Latin apoplēcticus < Greek apoplēktikós pertaining to a(paralytic) stroke,

equivalent to apóplēkt (os) struck down (verbid ofapoplḗssein) + -ikos -ic

Related forms are:

apoplectically, adverb

postapoplectic, adjective

pseudo apoplectic, adjective

Silver is apoplectic about all the snow they received in Colorado this year.

Using the word in some example sentences:

(These examples are not meant as political or moral commentary – just examples)

A huge majority of people were apoplectic because the Oscar Committee did not nominate any actors or actresses of color at this year’s award ceremony.

Many Republican leaders were apoplectic about Donald Tump’s lead in the recent polls.

The doctor admitted the woman’s death was caused by apoplexy.

Have YOU heard any interesting words lately?

See you next FRIDAY!


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