Analysis of a Book Reviewer

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Lit World Interviews

Did you ever wonder what it was like to write about other peopleโ€™s writing? That is the job of a book reviewer. I always wanted to be a freelance writer, and for me reviewing books is a perfect example of what a freelance writer does. I write book reviews as a public service to readers and authors alike, sharing my opinions of what I read.

Book reviewers are a valuable asset to all writers. I believe all serious writers should write reviews on other authorโ€™s books. The lessons learned are invaluable and will benefit your own writing. This process works for me. I see a marked improvement in my own writing skills since I began reading and sharing other writerโ€™s work.

I follow a format designed to bring out the best aspects of any authorโ€™s work. The idea is to express my thoughts about a book in as honest aโ€ฆ

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