How To Write A Novel Outline (Like the Lady Boss You Are!) — She’s Novel

Are you starting your first novel? Here are some great novel outlining tips! ❤

Hello again, lovely ladies of the internet! Did you know that you’re a lady boss? Yes, you! If you’re feeling a bit confused, allow me to break it down for you. Lady Boss – noun.1. part lady, part boss. 2. (In literature) 100% awesome, go-getting, bring-’em-to-their-knees writer heroine. 3. the best kind of Novel Lady.One of my favorite lady bosses, the lovely Regina of byRegina fame, created a Blog Business Plan for her followers that I thought was just incredible. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Months ago I used it to help define my brand plan and get myself organized while creating She’s Novel. And just days ago, it gave me a crazy light-bulb moment that I used to create this post.Pretty awesome, right? So here was my train of thought: if business lady bosses like Regina create business plans to improve their brands, why shouldn’t novel lady bosses like us create novel plans to improve our books?And the angels sang hallelujah! Let’s face it, outlining is nobody’s favorite part of book-writing. It’s boring and time-consuming and tedious. There’s a million different “experts” telling you how it should be done and you never end up completing it anyway. So why not pursue something better, right? Something that is organized and professional and actually useful?Sound good? I’ve created The Epic Novel Plan for Lady Boss Champions and it has got your back. It’s part business, part organization, and 100% awesome. So let’s get to it!

Source: How To Write A Novel Outline (Like the Lady Boss You Are!) — She’s Novel

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