Silver’s Word of the Week – VACUOUS

If it’s Friday – it’s Silver’s Word of the Week!

I decided that it would be fun to offer a different word each week with its meaning and use it in a couple of sentences to see if I could learn some new words to expand my vocabulary. Join me and see if together we can incorporate some of these NEW words into our everyday life!

This week’s word is:


[vak-yoo-uh s] says: (click the link to visit the site to hear the word pronounced)

Vacuous is an adjective, meaning

  1. without contents; empty: the vacuous air.
  2. lacking in ideas or intelligence: a vacuous mind.
  3. expressing or characterized by a lack of ideas or intelligence; inane;stupid: a vacuous book.
  4. purposeless; idle: a vacuous way of life.

Related forms:

Vacuously (adverb)

Vacuousness (noun)

Nonvacuous (adverb)

Nonvacuously (adverb)

Nonvacuousness (noun)

Silver just wrote a vacuous blog post! Now, she has to start all over again.

Ode to a Vacuous Life

She was a typical kind of girl,

just an ordinary, run of the mill kind of girl.

Nothing fancy, nothing elegant, simply her.

She had a common job as a cocktail waitress

earning her living at the usual kind of bar –

serving men who treated her cruel.

In her regular way, she battled the demons of her past.

They drove her on in her same old vacuous existence,

and it became ordinary to her.

She had been a typical kind of girl,

just an ordinary, run of the mill kind of girl.

Now she was lost, mediocre, barely adequate –

a vacuous kind of girl.

In mediocrity she dwells,

all alone in the bowels of life.


2016 © Copyright-All rights reserved Colleen M. Chesebro

Have YOU heard any interesting words lately?

See you next FRIDAY!


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