Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 19 – Gap

Hugh is looking for photos of something that shows a gap… I had to really think about this one. Then, I remembered the trip we took in 2009 to Glacier National Park in Montana. I distinctly remembered seeing beauty that was unsurpassed as we drove along Going to the Sun Road. These glimpses of grandeur would leap out at us from between the heavily forested road.

We took this trip in late September, that year. The rain started to fall and the further in elevation we crept the thicker the precipitation got. After only a few miles we turned back. This is one of the scenes I managed to catch in between the “gaps” in the trees of the forest.

Here is one more photo. This is a shot of St. Mary Lake (below).

At Glacier National Park that is what a gap in the woods will show you!

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20 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 19 – Gap”

  1. Birch trees are so beautiful. I love the white bark. I read recently that the glacier at the park has melted so much there is little left to see. I remember seeing the bluish white ice shelf. It was spectacular. <3

    1. Ron and I can’t wait till the weather improves and we can get up into the mountains. It is a typical spring. Today we have snow showers and by this weekend we will be 70 degrees F.! LOL! Glad to share our photos. Many more to come I hope. <3

  2. Very pretty. You’ve made me think of an exhibition at the new Tate in London that was a crack on the floor. People could not resist taking pictures of them with the body half in the crack. Unfortunately my picture was on another phone…

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