#Am Writing & New Writing Goals

Happy Monday everyone!
I am at another goal setting crossroads in my life! That’s right, it is time to reassess where I am and where I want to go.

First, I must say that I had no idea what I was getting into when I started writing my novel, The Swamp Fairy. Sound familiar? I have been teaching myself as I go and that takes time. Precious time!

As a detail person, I am finding that as the fairies whisper their tales to me I have to go back and fix things, add things, change things… You get where I am going with this. Writing takes time. Anyone who tells you differently is either extremely gifted or delusional. I might be getting closer to the delusional side of writing! LOL!

My goal is clear, I want to finish writing the first draft of my novel by June 1st or sooner. This includes self-editing time. Once that is completed, I can send the manuscript off to my beta readers. I want to self-publish this book by the Fourth of July if at all possible. This is a fluid goal that will change as need be.

I also need to take a day off each week in order to recharge my batteries. Bravo to all you prolific writers out there. I just can’t keep up with you all. 😀 ❤

So, to make my life easier, I am changing Mindful Monday Healthy Living to a MONTHLY post held at the end of each month, say the last Friday of the month to be exact. I was putting a day’s work of research into each weekly post and just do not feel that I can do it justice at this time. Besides, I think a monthly accounting of my boring life is enough for anyone! LOL! 😀

In order to carve out more time for my novel writing, I would like to change my blog schedule to look like this:


Monday: Writing or Poetry Challenges

Tuesday: Silver’s Word of the Week

Wednesday: Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge hosted by Ronovan Writes and Silver Threading

Thursday: Haiku/Poetry Thursday

Friday: Photo Challenges

Saturday: Silver’s Book Reviews

Sunday: Free day

Middle of the Month: Silver’s Tea Party

End of the Month: Mindful Monday Healthy Living

The idea is to keep interesting content flowing through Silver Threading so you will continue to visit. I need inspiration from all of you as much as I love to give it to others, so I hope you will stop by and let me know how you are.

I do need to ask everyone a favor. If you have a book that is being published in the near future, please let me know so that I can feature you on my monthly tea party. I want to help you promote your work, but if you don’t tell me, I can’t help. Don’t be shy!

Many thanks to all of you who inspire me and leave me such great comments. You all fill my heart with joy! May the words be with you all this week!


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