Solitude – Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge

Hugh, from Hugh’s Views and News, asked for examples of solitude. That I got…

Solitude at Pensacola Beach

Solitude along a country road

The solitude of a Colorado Highway

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of solitude. Many thanks to Hugh for sponsoring such a fun photo event! I love it.

Do you want to join in?

Here’s what you do:

1. Take or choose a photo that you’ve taken which, for you, shows Solitude.
2. Create a new post on your blog entitled “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 20 – “Solitude”
3. Add the photo(s) you have taken to the post and tell us a little about what you are showing.
4. Create a pingback to this post or leave a link to your post in the comments section below so that other participants can view the post.

Not sure how to create a pingback? Click here for a step by step guide on how to create one.

18 thoughts on “Solitude – Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge”

      1. I had been pondering on it for a while. A few bloggers that I follow had already made the move as well and seemed to have no trouble (Well at least not that I knew at that time). Once I had published my book, I thought it might be better to have my own self-hosted website as I thought it may be more professional (well that was my intention, anyway)!
        To cut a long story short, I had just done a load more research on it, and it seemed to come out in favour of self-hosting, so as is my way, I jumped straight in head first and signed up (I have paid for 3 years now so I have to stick with it)! Actually it has not been that bad. Most of the things that have gone wrong are minor blips because of my own ignorance and incompetence! I have (I think) managed to rectify them now though!

          1. You need to find a host (I chose Bluehost) but there are a few others. Before you do that though try and find some balanced views on hosted vs self-hosted

  1. Thank you, Colleen. It’s great to see such a mixture of photos that portray solitude. The open highway looks so peaceful and I love the snow-capped mountains in the distance.
    Thank you for joining me in this week’s challenge. Solitude seems to have struck at home for many people.

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