WordPress Issues AGAIN?

I am having issues with WordPress again. I have contacted them and not heard back yet. The reblog button is not working and I know the pingbacks are not working properly either.

Sorry for the problems. I will let you know what I find out!

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46 thoughts on “WordPress Issues AGAIN?

      1. I am certain that this is merely a plot to drive bloggers, bloggy. Try not to allow them the pleasure of seeing you sweat. Allow them their madness and know that there is a special room in Hell for those who taunt, torture and otherwise trick bloggers!

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    1. I am really frustrated. After two years on WP I am having a terrible time. I used to be able to do my blog posts in Word and send them to my blog. Now I can’t do that either. Really frustrating! I want to move to my WP blog to blue host. I will be working on that soon.

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  1. I think we are all having problems right now as WordPress updates the site. They seem to be working on the photo area and pingback right now. I usually can find a site that works, either on my Kindle or the web. My comments on my computer have not work for aong time. I just do something elseand come back later. It is frustrating at the time. Not only is WordPress have internet problems but several of my site are as the internet updates to Windows 10.

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      1. That is the area I am having problems. Yest day when I was trying to link up with a new site and it wouldn’t copy my url: my thoughts were negative. Later I was able. I still writing coff share so I don’t know about this morning yet. Good luck.

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  2. Hi Colleen, I’m still without incoming Pingbacks. My outgoing pingbacks are working providing the blog I am linking to does not have the same problem with incoming pingbacks. It’s driving me nuts, especially with my photo challenge. I hate the thought of people thinking I’m ignoring them.
    I’ll be chasing WordPress this week about the Pingback problem and getting an update from them.

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    1. I have trouble with Microsoft Word too. I have always compiled my blog post with pictures, etc. and then sent the post to my blog. I can’t do that either. Ping backs don’t work on my writing challenge either. Now, my reblog button doesn’t work! I am Frustrated beyond belief! 😬 Hope yours gets sorted.

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      1. I tend to write all my posts in WordPress and then copy them back to iCloud. So far, no problems there. I think many bloggers are unaware of the Pingback problem. When I spoke with WordPress they said they were unaware that my blog was affected and added it to their list of affected sites.

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