Happy Earth Day!

happy earth day

The first sign of spring –

as white fairy blossoms bloom,

winter grieves the cold.

2016-04-13 10.37.53

2016-04-22 09.05.22

My birthday flowers

2016-04-22 09.05.32

And Remember! Always believe in the magic of  fairies!


Hugs and kisses




  1. Happy Earth Day! I love your birthday flowers, Colleen, and I love the fairy book. that is magical! It is Autumn where I live but I’m in the sub-tropics and we don’t get a true Autumn either. No Autumn leaves! However, I love it! 🙂

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      1. How fantastic! I’ve never met anyone before you has lived in the Rocky Mountains. Although, of course, I know the area from John Denver’s song.

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  2. A belated Happy Earth Day to you all. Colleen just a little feedback on the Layout of your blog. I read it on the Crome browser with laptop but your categories on top take so much space I can hardly see anything of the posts underneath. I thought you might want to know.

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    1. Unfortunately, I have no control over that. I use chrome and it looks fine on my tablet, phone, laptop and computer. I have had many problems with the themes. I can only pare down some of the categories and I don’t want to do that. Sorry, Bee. 💗

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  3. If memory serves me correctly, I was at the first Earth Day celebration at Central Park in New York City in 1970 (I was a mere 25 years old at the time). If my memory is faulty, chalk it up to an age-induced confabulation (I spent a LOT of time in Central Park back then). 🙂

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