Mission Accomplished – Stage ONE

Today, I am excited to share that I have finished the FIRST draft of my YA novel, The Swamp Fairy.

I know I still have much to do and there is plenty of work to get on with in the editing process. I have a word count of 68,433. Not bad for a first effort considering this grand idea was hatched in my brain during a walk near the swamps where we lived in Pensacola, Florida in November of 2014.

Technically, this is a rewrite of my first original draft which I think I had to write to get it out of my system. Once I did that, I began to develop a real plot with characters my readers could care about. I must give credit to Christine, of the Better Novel Project. I used her outline template to guide me on my journey, or I should say my “hero’s” journey!

Thank you, all of my friends for your encouragement. I can’t wait until this dream is further along the road to becoming a true reality!

59 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished – Stage ONE

        1. I will have to do much of the editing myself as some of those editing costs are a bit too rich for me. I do have an author friend who is going to help me. Then it is on to beta readers… we will see how it goes after that. But yes, I am starting to outline the second book. 😉

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  1. That’s great! Clearing this major hurdle is wonderful. It’s all downhill now, although it might be a long hill, perhaps with a few ups and downs on the way. You have really come very far in your journey as an author, and deserve celebrating some before getting into the edit phase.

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  2. Congratulations, Colleen. I’m glad to see you’re celebrating this first step. It is a major accomplishment and deserves a few fireworks and huzzahs. I think it is a mistake to hold off the party until the the next stages are complete. Getting a book out there is such a long process, and such a lot of work, we deserve to party a bit at every step along the road. After all, not everyone makes it even this far 🙂
    Good luck with stage two 🙂

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