It’s Time to Spread Some Fairy Magic!


Happy Summer Solstice!

Did you know this is the best time to see fairies?

There is a magic in the air in the northern hemisphere today. I can feel and see the energy crackling and sparking!

What?!! You don’t believe in fairies?

What about Tinkerbell or Peter Pan? You don’t believe in them??

Alright, I guess you don’t have to believe in fairies in the literal sense… even if I do! Instead, celebrate the joys of summer! Have a barbecue! Let your kids dress up in costumes and just have fun!

But remember… keep your eyes out for those fairies. They like to disguise themselves as butterflies, dragonflies, moths, and birds…

There are several ways to celebrate… says you can celebrate with a couple different rituals, one for the day, and one for the night:

Summer Solstice Ritual Pt. 1: Opening Reading

If you see a fairy ring

In a field of grass,

Very lightly step around,

Tiptoe as you pass;

Last night fairies frolicked there,

And they’re sleeping somewhere near.

If you see a tiny fay

Lying fast asleep,

Shut your eyes and run away,

Do not stay or peep;

And be sure you never tell,

Or you’ll break a fairy spell. — William Shakespeare

Someone says (or, if solitary, you can say everything):

Tonight is the night– tonight, the veil lifts between the world of the fairies and the world of our own. Our circle here is our portal between those worlds, where we can draw back the veil and take a peek into the realm of the fairies, but just for tonight!

We shall welcome them into our circle, and who knows what will happen? If you dare follow, let us begin!”

“Have Fun with Fairies Tonight

Midsummer Fairy Ritual | Source

Summer Solstice Ritual pt 2: Circle and Quarters

Sprinkle fairy dust or flower petals if desired, or use a wand, staff, branch or flower to cast the circle saying:

A circle, thrice, we cast this night

To seal the magic portal tight;

The first time that we come about,

We shut unwanted spirits out;

The second time we go around

we cleanse the air and sanctify the ground;

creating a sphere of sacred space,

a safe and hallowed meeting place;

The third time round, as we go,

As above, so below,

We seal this circle round times three,

As is our will so mote it be!”

“Summer Solstice Ritual Pt 3: Recite (or Sing) The Stolen Child

William Butler Yates poem (1886) against photo of Glencar waterfall (public domain image). |Source”

My fairy houses will be completed when my granddaughter’s Maleah, and Arianna, come to Colorado this summer for a visit. I hope to make three of them similar to this one below! Those meadow fairies need shelter in the winter, you know!

Fairy House, photo courtesy of Pinterest,

If you see a fairy today or tomorrow, make sure to let me know. I would love to hear about your experience!

Happy Summer Solstice! May the blessings of the fairy nymphs find you all!

Embrace the magic and believe!

61 thoughts on “It’s Time to Spread Some Fairy Magic!

  1. Happy Midsummer to you, Colleen. I loved this post, full of magic, joy and innocence. In Sweden it would be a day of celebrations! I’ll keep a look out for fairies…and such a beautiful idea with the houses you’re building for them. How could they not want to move in?!😀😀

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    1. That magic means hope, Viva. We all need more of it. I noticed that ever since I first saw that swamp fairy a few years ago, my outlook on life has changed for the better. It is so fulfilling to see the “good” in life! Happy Tuesday! ❤


  2. Love it. Summer Solstice in Oz tomorrow … what’s long to us is short to you, the days. Have a look at the snaps I’ve been taking in the lead up to Solstice and my short true story: White Feather Black Feather. Some of the oldest magic in the world here… and it still works.
    I live on a ‘Story Hill ‘ I see things you cannot

    Liked by 1 person

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