Silver’s Word of the Week: “Pierian”

Welcome to Silver’s Word of the Week where I try to find strange and unusual words to ignite my vocabulary to new levels! Are you ready to learn a new word?

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  1. of or relating to poetry or poetic inspiration.
  2. of or relating to the Muses.
  3. of or relating to Pieria.

Did You Know? shares: The Word Origin and History for Pierian

Adj. literally “of Pieria,” 1590’s, from Latin Pierius “Pieria,” from Greek Pieria, a district in northern Thessaly, reputed home of the Muses; thus “pertaining to poetry.”

The word, “muse,” comes to us from the ancient Greek with a meaning of: “to think.” It makes total sense then, that “The Muses,” were the inspirational goddesses of literature, of science, and the arts. (Wikipedia-Muse). It is The Muses that whisper those tiny threads of inspiration into our dreams enabling us to create.

Pieria is a coastal region in North Eastern Greece, West of the Gulf of Salonika. (


  1. When writing haiku, it is motivating to allow Pierian thoughts from the muses inspire you.
  2. The fairy nymph drank from the knowledge of the Pierian spring as she sang the songs of the swamp fairies.
  3. Pierian rhymes slip from my fingertips flowing into poetry that fills my soul.

A Muse, free image from

May The Muses inspire you to reach new writing goals this week!


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See you next week!


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