A New Addition to the Family

Good Tuesday morning! I wanted to share the new addition to our family – an Ohio Buckeye tree! This tree will replace the oak tree the builder planted in front of our house last summer. Unfortunately, the tree did not survive the winter. The main truck was damaged. We knew it had to be replaced. We visited our local Colorado Nursery to select something different.

Here is the half-dead oak tree

Here is the Buckeye tree coming off the truck

The tree is placed in the hole.

The tree is staked against the hot/cold winds that blow with a fury up and down our street (north-south)

Our new tree! An Ohio Buckeye.

This is the tree we picked from the nursery. It was in full bloom. We had to wait a few weeks for it to be planted. The flowers are a lovely yellow. I wanted a spring blooming tree that was yellow in color to complement the colors of our house.

Thanks for stopping by to take a peek at the new addition!

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    1. Annette, I didn’t even know about this tree. I was looking for something different. In a new neighborhood, the builders put the same kinds of trees in. At least our tree is different. It is a cool way to bring a bit of Ohio to your house. I have never been there, though! LOL! 💖


    1. The poor oak tree’s main truck was damaged before we moved in. The tree had been in the ground for a year and my husband was able to pull it out with no problems. The roots never spread. It struggled. Half of the tree was dead. I love the new replacement. ❤


  1. I love your new tree already since I live in Ohio where it is the state tree. There are two buckeye trees planted in front of the elementary school my boys attended. In the fall when the buckeyes dropped to the ground my sons collected pockets-full of them. They left them in buckets moldering over the winter. Enjoy your new tree. ❤

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