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Hey, EVERYBODY! It’s that time again! Time to join in the “Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge,” co-sponsored with Ronovan Hester of Ronovan Writes, right here on silverthreading.com and myself, Silver Threading!

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Welcome!  This is an open invitation to join in on our blogging event called the “Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge!

Ronovan and I are really enjoying all the creativity that has been blossoming from this challenge. There has been fascinating science fiction stories, poetry, and even a song or two!


If you like the OLD Writers Quote Wednesday where you selected a quote and talked about the author of the quote you CAN still do that. The quotes are a pathway to find inspiration in your writing. You can write whatever you would like as long as you include your quote with your piece. You can write poetry, music, share songs, write flash fiction…

This is your chance to highlight your favorite author’s quotes that give inspiration to you as a writer. Do you feel like your writing is getting stale? Are you looking for inspiration to keep writing? Then you have come to the right spot!

Each week we will include a theme for anyone who needs additional inspiration. You don’t have to follow our theme if you don’t want to. It is optional.

You have from this Wednesday until the following Tuesday to participate! Woo HOO!

In fact, Ronovan and I will alternate each week with a themed prompt post written on Silver Threading. This will give you a different perspective weekly to keep your inspiration flowing.

Make sure to join us. You never know what we will come up with!

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This is my week, and Ronovan will be back next week to share his theme with you. We thought it would be fun to split the brain power needed each week. All of you get hosts that are reasonably fresh and fun to play with each week, so join in!


So what do you do?

You select a quote that inspires you. Then, write a short piece of flash fiction or poetry to share with us all using the quote either in your story or as the title of your masterpiece. You can include photos, photo quotes, or anything else that helps to highlight your quote.

Either create your own sayings (because after all, we are all writer’s here) or use a quote from a famous author that you find gives you inspiration.  Just make sure that credit is given to other’s work.

You can use Fotoflexer,Picmonkey, or Canva.com, or any other program that you wish to make your own images. Click the links to go to the programs.

Each Wednesday, we will post the prompt and all you have to do is take part! You have from that Wednesday until the following Tuesday night to share your creativity inspired by a quote. We will share your posts on social media for added exposure.

BOTTOM LINE: Have fun and be creative!

Writing a novel is a journey. In my novice status as a writer, I still have much to learn. There are times when I ask myself if I am really good enough to undertake this journey.

Yet, here I am. I refuse to give up. I have to keep faith in myself and my budding abilities. You see, I do believe writing is an inherent gift. Although, I do agree a writer must have some ability with words to even think about embarking upon such a journey. I feel like many of us have the desire and willpower to pursue a writing goal. Even then, I have to ask myself – are we truly good enough?

I marvel at the writers who churn out five or more novels a year. I have read many of these books. Some of them are good, and some are not so good. What is their secret to publishing that many books in a year? A writing team? Lots of money to pay an editor to correct all of their mistakes? Or, is it something else? How about perseverance? I know a little pixie dust or magic certainly helps!

Through all the doubt I have about my own writing abilities, one thing has stood out and become apparent to me. Faith. I do believe the more I write, the better I will become. I also trust in the belief that teaching yourself how to become a better writer is the best course of action. If you are like me, I have to participate in something in order to learn from it. My mistakes are my best teacher.

However, that does not mean you just give up. Faith teaches us to trust in whatever abilities, we have. Sometimes you have to summon every ounce of courage you possess to move forward. Find your confidence. The key is that you do it… write that blog post. Write that short story. Write your novel. Trust that you can do it! And, above all… Keep the faith!

So come ON! Join in and share a quote about faith. I know you can do it!

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  6. I do think it takes time and perseverance to become a writer. Talent is something I hope I have. I’ve worked very hard to get to where I am and I still feel I have levels to go. Faith is all we have to go on with.

    1. I agree. I feel the same way. Some of my feelings of doubt are because I have never done this before. You know how once you have been through something, it doesn’t seem so terrifying? We just keep moving forward, Traci. I’m here if I can boost you in any way! Hugs. <3

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  8. I love that quote Colleen, and it is so suited to you! I know your book is going to be wonderful. You are not only a great writer but you care about what you write and how you present your work. Also you put everything into it too. 🙂

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  10. I’m glad your faith in your writing endures. Beautiful post. I believe that my writing is a gift that won’t desert me. I love what Emily Dickinson writes about Hope, close relative to Faith.

    “Hope is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul
    And sings the tune without the words
    And never stops at all.” <3

    1. That is beautiful. I keep working on my writing. It is improving. Part of my issues with editing is teaching yourself to look at your work impartially. Some of this is a learning curve. I do believe, the more I write and get critiques from my peers, the better I will become. I have no doubts, really! Thanks for the encouragement. You made my day! <3

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        1. I took about 3 days off from blogging, writing, and editing. We had neighborhood BBQ’s that were so much fun. Lots of great food! How about you? Hope you had a fabulous time. <3

  15. Diggin’ that J.M. Barrie quote! You beat me to the punch. Also, having faith in our abilities to be those remarkable scribes we were born to be is paramount. Rock that faith, my sister and let’s get you published! <3

    1. Annette, you always fill me with joy! So many of dear friends believe in me… I doubt myself some days! My pity party is over and I am back to editing! I can’t wait to move forward! Hugs and thanks… I needed to hear that! 😀 <3

      1. Oh goodie… so glad to hear that you and I have the same energy. Of course there are going to be days of doubt, however it’s the getting back on that horse that makes the champion! Saddle up sister! <3

        1. Ronovan really helped me and he doesn’t even know it… He asked me to beta read a fellow writer’s book. Guess what… I found this writer writes like I do! It made me feel normal and helped me to realize that I am probably normal! I didn’t realize that because it was my first time… You never know until you have been through the entire process. Learning is FUN! 😀

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    1. Just copy the http:/ address of my post and put it in your post. Or, you can copy your http:/ address from your post and put it in the comments section of my post. Let me know if that works. ❤️

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  20. Faith! You throw some curve balls lady, I avoid politics, religion, and my intimate pieces as they are just too contraversial or icky. I need to think. 😯😑😕😡

    1. Ellen, it doesn’t have to be religious… I used faith in my abilities… Besides, if you don’t feel any inspiration from that word, write about what does inspire you this week. Don’t forget to add your quote. <3

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