Mysteries – Reader Survey!

Don’t forget to fill out the Lit World Interviews survey about mysteries and what you love about them! ❤

Lit World Interviews

If you haven’t answered the Survey Questions yet, we still need more responses. It doesn’t take long.

Here we are on LitWorldInterviews with our first of many Genre oriented surveys. The success of our previous survey “Why do people stop reading a book?” and the response in the comments prompted a more detailed evaluation of the topic.

Please reblog and sharethis with as many people as you can so we have a lot of responses to make the data we share as accurate as can be expected.

We need at least 100 responses or there’s no reason to post the results.

This month’s survey is the genre of Mystery.

Thank you to the following 19 bloggers for making our previous survey such a success by reblogging the survey:

James Glenora

Aurora Jean Alexander

Juliette King

Stevie Turner

Linda G. Hill


Wendy Anne Darling

Adele Marie Park


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4 thoughts on “Mysteries – Reader Survey!

    1. Hi, Carol. Thanks so much. What a silly fall I had. Who knew slipping down three stairs would make you so sore! We haven’t lived in a two story house since the 1980’s. I have learned my lesson! LOL! Hugs to you my friend. Hope all is well with you. ❤


    1. Thanks, Olga. I am back at it today. Slow but steady. I am still sore. Who would ever have thought that falling down three steps would make you feel so bad? We haven’t lived in a house with stairs since the 1980’s. I have a new appreciation! LOL!


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