Silver’s Word of the Week – “Ambrosial”

Welcome to Silver’s Word of the Week where I try to find strange and unusual words to ignite our vocabulary to new levels! Are you ready to learn a new word?

This week our word is ambrosial and is courtesy of

I love adjectives because they enhance my writing which allows word images to form in our reader’s minds. Adjectives are a writer’s best friend. Used sparingly, they can enhance nouns.

An ad·jec·tive (ˈajəktiv/) is a word or phrase naming an attribute, added to or grammatically related to a noun to modify or describe it.

The e-GMAT blog gives an excellent discussion of adjectives and how to use them. The image is also from the same blog.

So that brings me to the word “ambrosial.” I love the sounds of the letters. This is the kind of adjective that rolls off your tongue.

When I am writing a description I put myself into the scene. In this way, I can use my senses to describe what I am seeing in my mind. Here are some examples:

Stephanie raised the glass of wine to her lips, smelling the ambrosial fragrance of the cool liquid sliding down her throat.

Abby gazed at the green heart stone located in the middle of the swamp with the knowledge that the stone was ambrosial.

Did YOU know? also says that the word “ambrosial,” comes from the root word, ambrosia. Its origin is from 1545-55; < Latin < Greek: meaning immortality, food of the gods. By combining the form of brotōs mortal; akin to Latin mortuus dead, murder-ios adj. suffix, and replacing the Middle English ambrose, ambrosie < Old French ambroise <Latin.

Have a fabulous week! Here are some “ambrosial waves” to bring you calm and peace in our crazy world!

Stay cool in the summer heat. See you later. I am off to enjoy this ambrosial treat of gargantuan proportions! ❤



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21 thoughts on “Silver’s Word of the Week – “Ambrosial”

  1. There is a tinned rice pudding dessert in the UK called Ambrosia – from the contents it doesn’t look to match the meaning of the word! Interesting post,
    Colleen and beautiful cooling video – need it on this very hot day!

    Liked by 1 person

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