» 10 Literary Journals Open to Other Art Forms

All of the journals linked to here are interested in a variety of mediums. Some want you to submit your songs, others your short videos. These are great places to submit to if you are a writer and a singer (for example). They are also worth sharing with your non-writer friends.

Do you know a great director of short films? Perhaps this list would benefit them. Most people outside of the literary community do not know about these publication options, so spread the word.

Source: » 10 Literary Journals Open to Other Art Forms

14 thoughts on “» 10 Literary Journals Open to Other Art Forms

  1. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    Colleen has been pretty active posting her finds today – this is one of them.
    The other two posts can be found at:
    Happy Reading, applying and good luck 👍😃
    BTW, DONT FORGET TO SAY “Thank You” to Colleen for letting us know about them 🐵


  2. Hi Colleen, I need a little bit of your guidance. It’s been some time that I participated in an online essay writing competition. Now, there are lots of online competitions. The thing I liked about Edubirdie.com was that there instructions were very clear. They kept us posted on their social media accounts and the day I was declared winner, they asked me to share my details for receiving prize amount.
    Initially, there were some problems regarding selecting proper method of money transfer. Now, it’s been more than three days that I haven’t received any response from the contest team. It seems that contest team is not online and their customer service is not also helpful. If that was all fake then can you guide me how to be careful before participating in such kind of online competitions?
    Can you just take a look at their site? here is a link

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    1. Madeeha, Wow… I looked at their site. What else do they provide? There are all kinds of places for you to pay them. It looks like this is a service where you order papers from when you are in college. Something I would never suggest anyone do. I think you might be considered a “content creator,” if you registered with them. My advice is to only submit to contests that are for anthologies, or legitimate writing journals. If you look through my menu: go to authors supporting authors, you will find many choices. Unfortunately, I do not know what you can do in this situation. Do they own your writing now that you won the award for first place? There are places you can go to write for payment. Keep trying to get the money out of them. Be extra careful when you choose these contests. I fear they will sell your paper to the highest bidder. They will make the money and not you. Let me know what happens. I am sorry this has happened to you. Scams are everywhere! 😦 ❤

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      1. Hmm..I’m also clueless. Yep, I didn’t like the idea where students pay someone to get their writings done. So, you’re saying it’s not a good idea to enter in competitions like https://www.ninjaessays.com/

        The 24/7 customer service chat option is also not appearing on their site. Can you see it? In the beginning they were helpful but later when I tried to ask about Essay Contest, the connection strangely got disconnected.
        What do you think about these links


          1. I will. Further, my writing and other two essays are published on their site. They have also shared links through their social media accounts. Thank you Colleen for guiding me. You must write about it. It will definitely help others. I can share some more information with you. I can share their all of their emails which can give an idea how they kept me busy.

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          2. Just sent you an email. Actually, theye were very active in their response. Just give it a read and tell me do you think it’s a communication problem or some kind of scam? I’m not able to see their 24/7 customer service on me laptop. Is it feasible for you to ask them for me?
            And after reading mail do you still think it’s very necessary to write about them?


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