The 5 Most Common Mistakes Writers Make When Seeking Book Reviews | Live Write Thrive

I am sharing this information because as a book reviewer I get tons of review requests. Even after I have replied to an author saying I can’t take on additional reviews, they continue to send me the same email, over and over again! This is a great piece about asking for book reviews. Check it out! Just click on the highlighted link at the end of this post. ❤

Today’s guest post is by top Amazon reviewer Gisela Hausmann. This content originally ran on the Huffington Post, and it is reprinted here with her permission. The day before yesterday, I received …

Source: The 5 Most Common Mistakes Writers Make When Seeking Book Reviews | Live Write Thrive


  1. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    Although I’m well down the Goodreads and Amazon Reviewers pecking order, and make it perfectly clear in my Goodreads Profile Page that I already have an oversubscribed TBR list, I still get a LOT of review requests and free book gift emails.
    However, I chose what I read (and review), so, with a few exceptions, I reply to thank and decline these kind offers.
    Pestering emails get sent to the bin!

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  2. Thanks for sharing, Silver! xxx

    I’m at Chapter 8, but was too … idk, I guess moody to do any real progress today, especially after discovering a bank messup. So far a gorgeous, sweet and very promising tale!

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      1. 🙂 Takes one to know one 😉

        You are very welcome.
        I found her post interesting. Apparently the worst mistake an author can make is give up asking the top reviewers for reviews. Well wow, I haven’t even started. I’m always bowled over when some power-reviewer like you or Kate wants to review my books.

        Have a wonderful evening, I’ll send chapters 1-7 on tomorrow if you’re ok with my doing it piece-meal like that 🙂

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