Silver’s Fairy Portal

A couple of months ago, my two granddaughters, Maleah and Arianna, and I set out to create some fairy houses for my office. After all, you can’t write about fairies and invite them into your life and not have somewhere for them to visit you!

Maleah & Arianna

I had a plan in mind, but I just couldn’t see the vision. After careful thought and some great help from my friend Chelley, the fairy houses began to take form. Chelley’s two boys, Landon and Crosby even came over and made miniature fairy houses with us!

Chelley helping Landon

I helped Crosby

We used beans for the roofs, and beads to decorate the exterior. We used a lot of paint and glitter. 😀

After a couple of hours, we were finished!

There’s a great deal of symbolism featured on this fairy portal as it relates to the Heart Stone Chronicles – The Swamp Fairy. There are butterflies and dragonflies, and even a hummingbird! (You’ll have to read the story to find out what that all means) ❤

Silver’s fairy nymph portal

One thing I do know. The fairy nymphs are here to stay. They now have plenty of room and can choose which house is best for them. That’s good news because today is the first day of autumn. Winter snows are not far off…

Happy first day of Autumn from Silver Threading


  1. what a magical thing to do with grandchildren! Bet you could see their personalities displayed in their work…no judgment just enjoyment!

    Liked by 1 person

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