» Writing Is My Job.

I like to think that I am a work in progress when it comes to my writing. I haven’t gotten paid for anything I’ve written (yet) but I am going to keep working on perfecting my craft. Don’t get downhearted… read this and keep writing and learning. ❤ Click the highlighted link at the bottom of the post to read more.

Every writer, at some point in their career, has heard the words, “Writing isn’t a real job.”  Only another writer can truly understand the frustration of hearing those words and being made to feel as if your dream is only a waste of time.  It can be even worse if someone suggests that it is time to stop playing around on the computer and find something meaningful to do.

Source: » Writing Is My Job.


  1. Wow it’s like I was surfing the internet knowing exactly what I wanted to read. Somehow I landed here. On slow days like today you begin to let the thoughts of doubt creep up, but reading things like this always remind you why you’re here. Especially as a writer. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  2. I think writers have to have skin like the rhinoceros Colleen or we’d never try anything a second time. It’s only people without the talent to write that would consider it not to be work.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    1. Isn’t that the truth. I am working on my edits and I’m not giving up. Good writing is work. Sure you get to know some tricks of the trade the longer you work your craft. I’m good with that. I’ll just keep plugging along. My January 2017 I am going to be ready to publish my first book and hopefully be close to finishing the second book. You just can’t give up no matter what! Hugs to you, David. I needed to hear your words! ❤

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  3. Colleen! 5 edits!? Publish already! Pull the trigger! Push the button!

    Thanks for reblogging the encouragement.

    And now I have to figure out how you get the little hearts. Not that I would ever use them, since I’m a guy. I just want to know how you do ’em. That’s all. Yeah. (Scuffs the dirt with the toe of my shoe)

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      1. I was thinking some nazi in a gestapo uniform saying, “Frau Chesebro? You haff some grammar… issues. Who am I? Why, I am the grammar nazi.”

        Okay, I was inspired by the college humor video with the grammar nazi, truth be told.

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        1. LOL! OMG! That is too funny! Thank you for your humor. I really needed that. This is my first novel, so I have had some great suggestions for my writing from my Beta readers. 😃❤️


          1. I really liked a recent dealie I saw that has this whole questionnaire for your beta readers. Makes it into a job, and gives you good feedback. Beta readers gotta be herded, like cats. Check this out:

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          2. I actually used a questionaire, Matt. I did get that amazing feedback from them. My edits are only making my novel better, so I have no qualms about taking my time and doing it right. ❤


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