Illustrating a book? Know your rights to protect your work. | Better Novel Project


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This is a guest post by Kathryn Goldman, an intellectual property attorney who wants you to become the CEO of your creative career. She has built a framework strategy called CP²: Content Protection for Creative Professionals to help creative professionals reach that goal, one manageable step at a time. Today Kathryn will talk to us about how an artist can protect illustrations when working with a writer (Like The Royal Hamster’s daydreams, her example below is fictitious). Kathryn’s article is written to give us an idea of how to be thoughtful about intellectual property and the law when we create artwork, and is not legal advice. Protecting Illustrations when Working with a Writer The Royal Hamster’s elegance was on display in Canada last week. Imagine that The Royal Hamster caught the attention of that nation, the media, and the Twitter sphere, and even a famous Biographer to the royal family. For this hypothetical example, the Biographer has asked The Royal Hamster’s creator to illustrate a forthcoming book on fashion in the royal family starring, of course, The Royal Hamster. The Illustrator is flattered and intrigued by the offer. But before she goes any further, our Illustrator needs to think about the deal carefully because she wants to keep her rights in her illustrations. Be aware of your legal rights in artwork. This can be a tricky little area in the business life of a creative professional. Once you sell a piece of art, you are no longer an amateur. You’re making money with your creations. When that happens, you need to be aware that you can create multiple revenue streams from a single work of art. That’s the basis of a successful creative career. To do that, there are certain rights you need to reserve for yourself. Investigating the possible options, knowing the proper route […]

Source: Illustrating a book? Know your rights to protect your work. | Better Novel Project


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