Glamour Magazine’s $5,000 Essay Contest


This is from an email I subscribe to called Freedom With Writing. Click the highlighted link below to read about the essay contest. ❤

Glamour Magazine is currently hosting an essay contest. The theme: “Every woman has a moment in life that changes everything. What’s that moment for you?”

The prize? $5,000 and publication in Glamour.

The deadline is approaching very soon, so be sure to get started right away if you’re interested in joining in. November 1st is the last day to submit.

Essays should be no more than 3,500 words.

There is no submission fee.

Learn more here.


Source: Glamour Magazine’s $5,000 Essay Contest

30 thoughts on “Glamour Magazine’s $5,000 Essay Contest

      1. You know Colleen. I was testing your blog. I was blog reading and having trouble commenting on a few blogs. I was too tired by the time I reached yours to ask you to check, lol. Everyone has to contact Askimet in your dashboard, it’s rampant. I’ve had to contact them 3 times in the last 2 weeks and finding bloggers galore in my spam:( ❤

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        1. You and Marje were the only two I have had for weeks. I did notice that when I get an email for a comment and click on it, it no longer takes me to my comments on my blog. I am sure eventually they will just have the little icon in the right hand corner for us to retrieve messages from. 😀

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  1. That’s not right Colleen. Marje is having problems too. So many of us are. Did you read Hugh’s blog a few weeks ago with this ongoing problem with Askimet and Wp? You need to fill in the contact form in your Askimet jetpack settings. This isn’t right. And many of us are now checking spam daily because one day we’re there, one day we’re not. It’s so maddening. 😦

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