Change is All About Building the NEW

Change is a positive thing. Much like the quote above, I am focusing my attention on building “the new.”

Little by little, you will start seeing the changes on my blog. I am phasing out “Silver Threading,” and have replaced the title with my name. This change is to move forward toward the self-publishing phase of my first novel. Anything with “Silver,” will be replaced with Colleen.

In the days to come, I intend on changing my domain name from to WordPress will help me map the new domain so you will be able to find me. I will leave the silverthreading domain until it renews in April 2017. At that time it will disappear, and you will only find me at That should be plenty of time for everyone to adjust to my new address. You can always find me at also because WordPress is my host.

I have changed my social media accounts to reflect this name change already. It was interesting that when my Facebook page turned from Silver Threading to Colleen Chesebro, I suddenly received some much-needed attention. It just goes to show you how powerful a name can be.

You can find me here:

Facebook at

Twitter at

Pinterest at

Google+ at

for following me on my writing journey. You all mean so much to me. ❤

34 thoughts on “Change is All About Building the NEW

  1. Good luck with this Colleen and for all your future ventures.I love the thought of fairies coming to visit!
    I find a lot of inspiration from your postings, you are a very busy and gifted lady.

    One of these days I am going to have a go at the Tanka Challenge. I am fairly new to what I call serious poetry, I’ve written some in the past but also a lot of ‘fun’ stuff. I have had some of my poems published and one was placed in an so-called vanity anthology; I hasten to add that I didn’t realise the implications of this at the time! I’m much wiser now
    By the way I live in West Yorkshire, England.

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    1. Thanks. I hope you’ll join in on the Tanka challenge. We’re all learning here together. I will be posting some new information about Tankas soon. We have the chance to make these our own. I lived in East Anglia, many years ago in the early 80’s when I was in the Air Force. I LOVED England. Never made it to West Yorkshire (or many other places) but I loved your country. ❤


    1. Yes, they will stay here. is active until April 2017. I did that so if people searched for me as silverthreading they would authomatically come here. It took 8 minutes for WordPress to change my domain. Tough to have two domains, but its only for awhile. ❤

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      1. Hey, can I ask you something? I’m not good with tech but I pay Godaddy for a .com address and I’d like to use it on my wordpress site. Do you know how to switch it to a .com? I’ve tried the instructions on Godaddy but it’s not working.

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        1. I would ask WordPress for help. I think you need to set up a your blog (if it will become your author website) and import in your blog posts from the settings panel. Then contact WP to help you map your domain to the WP blog. They were really helpful with me. Let me know how it goes. ❤

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  2. I noticed today that your Daily Digest listed you by name. I like your changes. For a similar reason I changed my Gravatar to a photo of myself when I knew my book of posts was forthcoming. You are creating a wonderful wide new home for your novel and your book reviews. Go for it!!! ❤

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