» Ten Wonderful New Literary Journals

Authors Publish shares some great places to get your work published. Click the link below to find out where and how. <3 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


In my experience, the benefits can be greater than publishing in a well-established journal. When a literary journal is new the editors tend to be a lot more passionate. I have gotten handwritten thank you cards from editors of new publications, something that has never happened when my work was published by a more established journal.

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  1. 🙂 Thanks for sharing these sites.

    I’ve met the Swamp Fairy now – what a beauty she is! Things have been going crazy here so I haven’t read much further yet, but will do so in the course of things.

    Btw “Nix Romipen” is out – Solar Wind 6. Would you like a to have it? Or not right now?


    • LOL! Viva, a neighbor and I sat outside and handed out candy last night. I was on the hunt for the elusive meadow fairy. Sure enough, I had one tiny girl show up. I managed to snap a quick picture before she disappeared! <3


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