I Honor the Veterans of our Nation

I honor and praise –
veterans of our country
fighting for freedom,
for United, we must stand
or divided we will fall.

Colleen M. Chesebro

Veteran USAF

33 thoughts on “I Honor the Veterans of our Nation”

      • I served long ago too. 29 years it is. I had a federal government job at the time that gave me a furlough do I could serve. Later on, I managed to get my brother to join up as well. We as women serving are an amazing group!!!

        • I went into the Air Force in 1976. Seems like a lifetime ago! My husband is a 100% disabled Vietnam vet. We raised 5 kids together and he retired after 24 years. We are in Colorado near Peterson AFB and still use all the facilities. The military became a way of life.

  1. All Hail the United States Air Force. I proudly served our country in the USAF too. I learned team spirit, and to eternally love the American flag. What a great experience!!!


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