World Kindness Day – 11/13/16

Today is World Kindness Day, and if we have ever needed kindness in the world, it is after the release of our contentious American election results. I, (like everyone else I know) was rocked to my core at the results of the election. I feel like we are headed in a direction that more than half of American citizens did not vote for. Such is the nature of our democracy. The pendulum swings from side to side.

I do wish to call on the President-elect and the Republican party to quash this uproar and soothe jangled nerves by telling people what their intentions are. If the intentions are to uphold all the campaign promises from the trail, tell people that. However, if the intentions are to walk back many of the threats of deportation, and limits on religious freedoms, etc., say so. Don’t leave people hanging. That only promotes more fear. Tweets of derision only separate us more. Please stop.

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Sure, I’m as upset as everyone else, but I’m not going to stand by and let things happen around me. No longer will I allow others to compromise my happiness or force their views on me. Kindness doesn’t mean you must always be the only one performing the act. It’s all right to say how you feel… but then move forward with reliable solutions for everyone.

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So, here we are. World Kindness Day. How do we celebrate? How do we put our feelings aside and unite?

  1. The first thing you can do is share a quote about kindness.

    Seriously! It’s easy… See. Share it on social media asking others to join in. <3

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  1. BE KIND. Read this: 7 Ways to Save the World, here are a few ideas from the post and some of my thoughts:

    Take care of yourself

    Write a letter of gratitude

    Donate some $ to your favorite charity

    Order flowers for someone

    Send a positive text


    Plant a garden

     Volunteer and give the gift of your time to someone else

  2. Find other ways to do acts of kindness.
    Don’t just talk about it, actually, do it. That’s why I wrote this post today. I am asking for everyone to engage and become proactive and encourage others to spread kindness.

I have embraced my sadness and dealt with those feelings. Now, it’s time to move on. If you don’t like the way things are in your city, county, state, or country, do something to CHANGE it. Complaining will only drag us down. Be proactive. BE KIND.

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Thanks for reading, and thank you for being kind. <3

43 thoughts on “World Kindness Day – 11/13/16”

  1. I love kindness – you don’t even need to know someone, but you can still be kind – opening a door when someone is bag laden, telling a blind person at the bus stop what bus is coming, telling someone they look nice just because they do, talk to people in your shopping queue (you may be the only person they have spoken to all day)

  2. Many tiny intentional acts of kindness aggregate into a beautiful hill, a mountain, or even a planet. If we ALL make one act of kindness today, that planet will be Earth.

    This week, I have been in Paris. Every day, on the way to work, I pass a young homeless Mum who is playing with her toddler son, or just cuddling him. In front of her, she has a cup. I drop a few odd coins into the cup. It isn’t very much, but I hope that my grain of sand will join with others to build that better planet.

  3. So very much needed, Colleen. Thank you. I, too, wish assurances would come. Folks are living in fear and it breaks my heart. I hope you’ll read my post today on kindness.

  4. Thanks Colleen, every reason to increase the kindness on every level. Your post and gorgeous images are so reinforcing. And the comments too – adversity (can) make us stronger. Be the change you want to see –

  5. A very positive post, Colleen. I like the way you think.💖 💘 💝 I believe we will come out of this ok. This country, its values and traditions, are so much bigger than any damage done by one man, or his crew. ☺ Good people everywhere are watching.

  6. I agree that it would help if our leaders would speak to us and reassure us. I don’t know if we could trust what they say though. It is an anxiety provoking time and I think we have to wait to see what they actually do. I am encouraged by those who say they will resist what they think is unjust.


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