Colleen’s Coming Attractions – Uvi Poznansky – A TIME FOR GIVING

UVI POZNANSKY has been hosting an exciting event on Facebook – click the link to find out more:


Today is the last day. You will want to check this out! Here’s what she says:

“Happening now: our 3-day Thanksgiving event! Here is what to expect:

🌻 Storytelling time! Listen to voice clips, read excerpts from our audiobooks: until an hour before the Grand Finale
🌻 Grand Finale! Who won our prizes? Today at 4:00PM PST (7:00pm EST)

For a chance to win, join us (make sure you’re ‘Going’) and engage with us, liking and commenting on our posts, right here:

Can’t wait! Can you?”

Have fun, and I hope you win some fabulous new books. ❤


    1. That’s what I understand. I basically copied Uvi’s Facebook post to get the news out there. I hope it helps. Are you one of the authors too? Your name wasn’t listed, but I will add you if you are. I am doing a book review of the book, Book Bites for tomorrow. ❤


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