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Setting up your author blog is important stuff. Here is a fabulous breakdown of what you need to help sell your book. ❤ Click on the highlighted link at the bottom to read the information.

Last week Stephanie Chandler invited me to do a presentation for the Nonfiction Writer’s Conference, an online event featuring lots of speakers on topics of interest to self-publishers and nonfiction

Source: Author Websites, Blogs, and Book Sales Pages – The Book Designer


  1. Where can I find your book, Colleen? I’m trying to find a copy to give a friend for Christmas and Amazon didn’t have it. I applaud all authors and hope someday my own book will be finished. The way I am doing it, though, my daughter will write the final chapter/page/paragraph..

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      1. OMGosh, Colleen, I thought it was already published. Thank you for that, but I still want to get a hard copy to give to Rose. She’s an avid reader and I was hoping to find an autographed copy for her. Will it be available in Colorado Springs–any bookstore at all there? I have this wild idea of having one of my sibs in the area pick one up for me if you do a book signing. Now I really, really can’t wait for Christmas, then New Year’s Day to come.

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        1. I will have hard copies available on Amazon. I have to sell over a 1,000 copies before I can pursue other outlets. I don’t know if there are some private book stores I can sell from. We’ll work something out where I can sign a copy and send it to your friend. I am so honored, Angie. I have a couple things up my sleeve that I will share soon. ❤️😘


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