How Can It Be December?

November has faded and become a dull memory, and it’s already December 2016. How did the days disappear so quickly? Just so you know, I did not complete NaNoWritMo. The last couple of weeks, Ron and I have been ill with some strange virus. Many of those days I could not function, let alone write. Which is a shame because I have a ton of book reviews to write… and awards are due for my favorite picks of 2016.

Today is the first day I feel coherent. I did complete 9,000 words of “The Meadow Fairy,” (about four chapters), so I don’t consider the experience a loss. My head just wasn’t in the game.

But here’s my take away from the challenge. If you can write under pressure, NaNoWritMo is for you. I’ve decided that I am a much more leisurely writer. I need to mull things over – dream about them, even. In other words, the words must come to me on their own. The more pressure I felt, the more uncooperative my brain seemed to become. I tried it, and it didn’t work for me.

That doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you. You never know until you try it.

Here’s the thing. I write at least two hours each day. That doesn’t count book reviews, blog posts, or poetry. NaNoWritMo is all about developing a daily writing schedule, finding time to transfer the words hiding inside your brain on to paper. If you can develop a daily writing habit, you are way ahead of the game.

A writing schedule helps you to decide what works for you. Figure out what time of day is the best for your writing inspiration to flow. Then, schedule your time and write. Seriously. Schedule your time to write.

Think about it. If you could write for two hours a day with no interruptions or Facebook visits, in no time you would have a rough draft of a novel.

Set some writing goals and amaze yourself. I know you will love the results. If you have already defined your goals, share them in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by. I loved seeing all of you! ❤


  1. Colleen, you’ve made a good start on your story. I think the same about writing. Nothing comes under pressure. Yep, I dream about how to structure chapters, and ideas come to me at odd times throughout the day. I think of it as always moving forward toward the goal. I’m 10,000 words on my way! Hope you both are feeling better. Happy Friday & a peaceful weekend! 💛 Christine

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  2. I got my NaNoWriMo winners t-shirt a few days ago. This year I didn’t get side tracked with the forums. I didn’t get a mystery virus like you did, either. It’s easy to get caught up in edits. That’s what bogs people down. It takes a lot of effort not to go back and edit before going on to the next chapter.

    What you get after doing the draft is like the dinosaur bones found in the desert. It’s all there, but not in any readable form. The hard part is putting the bare bones together and figuring out what it’s supposed to be when it’s put together right. 🙂

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    1. Good for you. What a great feeling that must be to finish what you set out to do. I was leery of NaNo to start with knowing how my creative vibes run. It felt too much like a job having that hang over my head. LOL! I tell you what, we both got flu shots this year. This is what this sickness felt like. Horrible back pains, etc… I can’t imagine how bad it would have been if we hadn’t gotten the shots. I am still struggling with the foggy brain and tiredness. It should get better now. Today is our first day of snow and more cold is on the way. It will freeze those nasty germs! I’m tickled for you though… that’s fabulous! ❤

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  3. Never mind NaNoWriMo Colleen, I just hope you’re both over whatever illness has had you in it’s grip. Now we’ve sneaked over into December you’re going to need all your strength for Christmas.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  4. Glad you’re feeling better Colleen 🙂 Give yourself points for even trying NaNo. I could never do it. I can’t seem to schedule my time, something, or someone always gets in the way 🙂 Plus, I have to edit. I can’t stop myself.

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  5. I didn’t finish either, Colleen. I just couldn’t focus. I’ve learned I’m a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race-type writer. I’ve continued to write the past week on the new WIP but I’m just taking it as it comes.

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  6. I think have the same virus (sore-ish throat, swollen sinus, etc, plus blah!). Glad you are feeling better and we will both be well for the holidays! I LOVE that you “give permission” to write at our leisure–I am such an incubator, and when I am sick, I can barely blog (and create the appropriate image) because of the creative energy it takes! I do need to get a schedule for writing but I am not a morning writing person–not happening! Once I get done with this semester (2 weeks to go), I have 6 weeks to write! Thanks for your inspiration, Colleen!

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  7. Looks like I had the same thing as Terri, but not as bad as yours. I had also been sick with sore throat, sinus, and cough and the cold lingered for about 3 weeks, but I’m finally (almost) feeling normal again. My wife caught it too but she managed to get over it after only a week. It certainly doesn’t help my diabetes since sickness always makes my blood glucose high. I had really started the month off great with consistently lower in-range readings. So now I need to focus on getting it back under control, although the December holidays don’t always help with that either.

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    1. Hello, Doug. I am so sorry to hear you have been so sick. Whatever we had seems to be a lot of aches and pains, brain fog, congestion, etc. I can’t even imagine how hard it is to be sick with diabetes and trying to manage your blood sugar. I know that I gained two pounds this week! No exercise does it every time! Anyway, it is great to hear from you. Take care and don’t over indulge for the holidays. Many hugs to you! ❤

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  8. Colleen, I’m so sorry you have been down with that awful virus. Glad to hear you are better. I’m with you about pressure. I don’t even have a writing habit. I write things down on scraps of paper that usually turn into my writing but only when I feel them and the words flow. I’m not writing a book so I’m sure that makes a difference. Writing for me is more like gardening when I lived in a house and tending my houseplants now – a labor of love and more like play. ❤

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    1. Thanks, Viva. I am on the mend. I love your description of your writing. I agree. I don’t any more pressure. I love my writing time and cherish it. You said it… writing is a labor of love and more like play! Many hugs to you. ❤

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  9. Sure hope you’re feeling better! The key is finding what works for you. Your style and tempo is uniquely you. I worked as a reporter for a few years, which kept me under deadline constantly. I find I work better with one, but that’s just me. I officially didn’t finish NaNo either because I wrote a novella and didn’t make it to the 50K mark. But I did get it done and that’s all I needed to do for me!

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    1. Congratulations! That’s excellent news. I am still finding my voice, I think. The more I write, the more it comes out. I am perfect for YA fantasy because I love feelings. LOL! My characters are just little balls of teenage feelings. I need to get book 1 launched before I get back to to book 2. I will definitely be calling on your services. ❤

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