A Mindful Journey


I’ve created a new blog called A Mindful Journey, and you can find it here: https://amindfuljourneysite.wordpress.com/. My goal is to use this as a personal blog logging my progress toward mindfulness and weight loss. Colleenchesebro.com will remain my main blog. I will include some of my inspirational posts in my newsletter linking to the new blog also as another way to stay in touch.

Last year, I started Mindful Monday and each week I shared my weight loss journey and healthy living goals. Since I discontinued those Monday posts, I seem to have lost my way. I need that motivation, and it keeps me honest. I had no idea how I motivated myself to stay fit and to stick to the foods that I know are good for me.

Yes, I have had a blog identity problem as of late. Thanks for bearing with me… ❤

If you are interested in sharing this expedition with me, please join me and feel free to share your trials and tribulations towards healthy living. Together we can achieve our goals.

Thanks for stopping by,

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18 thoughts on “A Mindful Journey

  1. Thank you for your kind words. You know, A Mindful Journey will keep me honest! LOL. I feel so much better when I expose myself to positivity. If it works for me, It will everyone else. I am formatting my book with the hopes of uploading it this week to CreateSpace. I want to get a copy to see how it looks before it goes live on January 3rd. It’s my first book and I’m pretty excited. ❤


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