New Address for A Mindful Journey


I had to create (and import) a new blog for A Mindful Journey because I could not change the site name. I was silly and used a test blog I had set up a couple years ago. We used to be able to change the site address, but not anymore. Anyway, here is the correct address link:

I hope you will stop by tomorrow for Mindful Monday. Today, I talk about empaths. You can find that post here:

Sorry for the mixup. Happy Sunday.



21 thoughts on “New Address for A Mindful Journey

    1. Thanks. No it wouldn’t let me. It is a free WordPress site. Looks like things have changed in the last few years. Domains that are paid for have to be repurchased. I know because I had to do that on my author blog too. 😳😘

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    1. Thank you. I am heading in a direction where I post a couple times a week here. In that way, I hold myself accountable to my readers. It worked before and I know it will again. I hope you’ll stop by and lend me your wisdom. ❤

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    1. You can change the name but not the site address. I wanted to have something people could search for ( WP put in the site part. It’s kind of silly but they gotta do what they gotta do. ❤

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