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When you write do you ever think about creating a word that fits your meaning better than the words we have available to us? If so, you are going to love this… click on the highlighted link below to read the entire post. ❤

If there is no word, invent one and submit it to John Koenig’s website. For those who long to see a book version rather than read about these feelings online, a book version is scheduled to be released in 2017. Wait a minute; is there a word for yearning for the texture of paper in your fingers in these increasingly paperless times?

Source: Words That English Needs | Grammarly


    1. I did too. I have seen this done in the science fiction and fantasy genre. Why not? You just never know, especially if it is well thought out. Sounds fun! I created (not really, but I use it extensively) “fairy whisperer.” 😀

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        1. I figured that was what the fairy nymphs did to me… they whisper their tales for me to transcribe and I have become a fairy whisperer because I write their stories. That is what I am saying about creating your own words. It is grammatically correct, but not a common word pairing so spell checker tags it every time. I think I will submit that word combination to Koenig’s blog and see what he says. 😀

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      1. LOL. I’m game. Ummm…. What about “Gobbledywhoop” — The sounds someone makes when so excited they can’t speak properly. Gobbledywhoop. Okay… I’ll just stop there and spare you anymore nonsense. Hugs.

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