The Yule Log – A Tanka

Happy Winter Solstice!

Welcome to my contribution for my weekly Tanka challenge. This week, I tweaked the prompt words: “warm = warmth and cheer = cheery.” Both words have many connotations and can change the meaning of your Tanka poetry in many ways. By the way, please link your Tanka to my post found here.

My husband and I decided to initiate a new tradition this year. We are celebrating the Winter Solstice in place of Christmas!

A few months ago, my brother in law had his DNA analyzed. The results were astounding! My husband’s family scored high for a Viking heritage. We were not surprised because they are all rather tall folks. My husband is 6 ft. 7 in., his brother 6 ft. 4 in., and his sister is 6 ft. tall! Let’s just say that the weekly television show called, The Vikings took on new meaning in our household. 😀


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It seemed fitting to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Christmas had lost meaning for us through the years after the kids moved away. I did some research and found a great site that explains the tradition. Click here to learn more about a Winter Solstice Tradition. I also talk about my plans for our celebration on Mindful Monday on A Mindful, my other blog.

The cheery Yule log –
flames burn to honor the sun,
spreading warmth and light.
Our token good luck ashes
protection for the next year.

©2016 Colleen M. Chesebro

However, you celebrate the season, may you find peace and joy. Hugs!


    1. LOL! In their younger years they might have acted like Vikings! 😁 Thank you. We just lit our candles and incense. My meditation was successful. I felt the old hurts slip away. We have our stew in the crockpot. I have the bread and Yule cake to back for our celebration dinner. It’s a wonderful day. ❤🎄


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