Cleaning up your Amazon URL Links and protecting your book reviews

I wrote a book review the other day and wanted to find a way to link to the author’s kindle and paperback so that if anyone wanted to read the book all they had to do was click the link. My issue was that I had purchased the book and it said I did. I had no idea how to share a clean link! Debby has the solution below. It is a must read for ALL book reviewers! <3

How to clean up your #Amazon links before sharing book pages on your blogs. And make sure your book reviews don’t get removed.

Source: Cleaning up your Amazon URL Links and protecting your book reviews,.


  1. I read Debby’s post in January and *jaw drop* shared it everywhere then hurried to clean my links on every post, page, and site. I still see people with long links on their sites so I’m glad you shared this. 🙂

  2. Glad you found my post helpful Colleen. And thanks for sharing so others can learn what to do to avoid the Amazon gremlins, lol. 🙂 xo

  3. I think that even in the case when you just search for it, it can identify the device it came from. I try and remember to get rid of anything after the ASIN, although the link works with far less…

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