Meet Jack Kearney, Author of “Inside Out.”

One of the most satisfying things about reviewing books is that you meet some interesting authors. Jack falls into that category. I asked him to stop by my blog to tell us a bit about his life and the inspiration for his book, Inside Out. I reviewed this book a while back. Click HERE to read my review.

Author, Jack Kearney

“For most of my life, I was a struggling actor. I appeared on such shows as M.A.S.H., WKRP in Cincinnati, and General Hospital. For a short time, I even taught an acting workshop. Back in the mid-seventies, I was a recent graduate of the very prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts where I was part of the first graduating class in Los Angeles.

After that I joined the ranks of the other sixty thousand would-be stars who acted in showcase plays, occasionally going on professional auditions, and attending weekly workshops. It was while attending one those workshops in the mid-seventies that I had the opportunity to take place in a groundbreaking event. To compete with New Jersey’s “Scared Straight” program, California thought that an improv workshop for the inmates could help in their rehabilitation efforts.

Jack Kearney – back in the day

The woman that ran the workshop I was attending at the time, was asked to run the prison workshop, providing she had a male actor to assist her. Jackie asked me to help her, not just for my talent, but because, she thought with my looks I wouldn’t be intimidated by the inmates. It was an interesting experience, but it wasn’t until a few years later, and after a frighteningly close call, that I was inspired to write my story.

Thinking back to the prison workshop, and all the inmates and their interesting stories, I remembered how big some of their egos were, and how easily they could be bruised, just from some simple direction. I thought, what would happen if an actor were to experience what I had, but by a twist of fate, six months later, he ends up back inside as an inmate – where he has already made both friends and bruised enemies. There has never been a storyline where the protagonist, a non-criminal, is thrown into prison where he already knows some of the inmates.

That was my inspiration for INSIDE OUT. Originally a script, it was to be my “Rocky,” and it would make me star.

At the time though, producers weren’t willing to make a movie that depicted prison life with such violent realism, so once again, I got close but no cigar. I don’t know what made me think that I could turn it into a novel, but after I had lost my wife to cancer, I took the script out of the mothballs and wrote INSIDE OUT– One Actors Nightmarish Journey Of Incarceration.

Recently, I found out that one of my hundreds of submissions to literary agents may have finally got some attention. A major agency is considering representing me to submit it to producers, so my dream of a movie is still alive.

While waiting for that big break, I had many survival jobs typical of the actors of the ’70s and ’80s. But sales seemed to offer the only possible way to make a living, and contrary to popular belief, I discovered that a salesperson is made – not born. In fact, commissioned sales can be almost as frustrating as breaking into show business.

I am currently working out of my home, as an appointment setter for a major IT company. I have been married twice. My first, which ended in divorce gave me my beautiful daughter Shannon. I lost my second wife of ten years to cancer in 2012. Now 65, I am a prostate cancer survivor, and currently, reside in Northern California with my Yorkie-Poo Toby.”

Here’s where you can find Jack:

Facebook: Jack Kearney

Twitter: @insideoutauthor

Amazon Author Central:

Thanks for stopping by to meet Jack Kearney. Make sure to check out his book, Inside Out. ❤


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