Come out to play! — Thistledown

Teagan is writing a new story! Join in and share your fairy name! ❤️😂

Teagan's Books

This is your chance to become a character in a new story! Or rather have a character with your fantastical pseudonym. 

1920s Peoples home journal girl parrotIt began as a bit of fun on Facebook with one of those silly find-your-whatever name things.  It was one of many “What’s Your Fairy Name?” graphics.  Cute, I thought, But too cute. I posted my wish for a less frilly fairy name, and vowed to make my own game.

Well the frilly fairy names caught on, and next thing I knew, I had taken a challenge from Colleen Chesebro to make it into a story.  …And I’ve already admitted that I’m just not able to continue Truths Unseen.  …And you know I enjoy featuring other bloggers.  So I decided to turn it into a story here, a pantser, fairy story — and include everybody!

If you want to join the fun, find your…

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24 thoughts on “Come out to play! — Thistledown

          1. Colleen, I would love for you to do that!
            However, I can’t accept any more “characters.” There are already 24.
            I didn’t expect so much enthusiasm. I will be closing comments on the post after the west coast has had time to view.
            So as long as you are okay with adding a note that all the character slots are filled…
            Let me know and I’ll email you bio information tomorrow.
            More hugs either way.

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  1. (By the way… I’m thinking “River Mindshadow”… Huge hugs. ❤ You will have a fabulous week and all will go smooth.


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