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Something magical happens when you contemplate the writing of a fantasy story. Your mind expands and the possibilities of ‘what if’ somehow become real, if only in your mind. Other fantasy authors recognize that enchanted streak of genius that runs through our creative minds. We wear it like a badge of honor as if we share a deep connection to nature and all things miraculous. That’s just it… We do!

That’s how it was for me when I was introduced to the mystical writings of Adele Marie Park. Not long ago, I read her book called, Wisp and wrote a review. You can read the review HERE.

Adele and I share a love for the elementals and especially, the fey. We’ve both had experiences of the fairy kind. Unbeknownst to each other, we both published books at the same time – Her’s about Marsh fairies and mine about a Swamp fairy. Coincidence? I think not, but you can be the judge of that. 😀

The Spark of The Fey

by Adele Marie Park

The world we live in is alive.

Every animal and insect.

From the highest mountain to the smallest pebble on the beach.

They all have a spark of creation inside them.

Humans included and the fey.

This spark connects us all and if we stop running on the treadmill for a second and be still: breathe in the magic and listen. You can hear the earth beat as it travels up through the soles of your feet and into your heart. Now look with your heart and see the magic that surrounds us every second of the day.

The fey are there just out of reach, for now.

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

When I was a child, growing up on Rousay, the fey folk were everywhere. They were respected and lived side by side with humans.

The knowe-faery hill in the field beside our house that my uncle never ploughed over or planted on.

The bridge across the river to my uncle Willie’s cottage the trow-troll lived under.

The whispering wind playing in my hair and tickling my skin.

Blades of grass that held so many secrets as I lay gazing into them.

The faeries who let me know when it was time to go home for tea.

Stones that told stories and selkies who loved music.

The tall ones who soothed me to sleep and brushed the tears of fright from my face.

Traditions we upheld, and I brought them with me when I travelled to the mainland of Scotland, leaving behind my island home with a heart that has never recovered from that wrench.

Every Halloween, Midsummer, and Beltaine we would leave a dish of food outside the door for the faeries. Bread soaked in milk with honey was a favourite.

Tommy’s father blessing the four corners of the field and asking for the faeries protection.

Respecting the guardians of the bridges and asking their permission to travel across them.

Thanking the flowers for their beauty and taking care of them.

We lived side by side with these wonderful beings, and life was good.

My influence for the fey of Edra, in Wisp, came from my childhood and also from experiences later on in my life. I’ve listed the types of fey that you can read about in the pages of Wisp.

  1. Marsh Faerie – Wisp is a marsh faerie. They live so close to their environment that to be taken away from it, sometimes kills them. They have magic inside them that is coveted by unscrupulous elves and humans.
  2. Dryads – Finn has dryad blood. The dryads of Edra are everywhere there are trees. They stay with their tree in spirit but have a hierarchy which extends to the great mother dryad. Their magic is deep and ancient like the forests which once covered Edra.
  3. Woodland Faerie – These are believed to be the offspring of dryads. They live in the tree tops of their forests and are rarely seen. Their magic is illusion and camouflage.
  4. Goblins – They are the creators of Edra. Their minds are adept at creating machines and gadgets that forge magic and metal together. They are the driving force behind most mechanical devices on Edra.
  5. Pookies – These folk are seldom seen even by other fey. They live in tribes that inhabit the tall mountains of Edra. Their magic is powerful. The storm, the winter, and the frost are theirs to call on.
  6. Mermaids – Mostly keeping apart from other fey on land these sea people are dangerous and yet, contact with other fey of Edra has been known.
  7. The Wulden – Not much are known about these reclusive beings who live in the mountain caves and rarely have contact with anyone. Some tales mention that they are one of the first races of Edra.

    These are just a few, but as you can see, they are all nature based.

    I live in Britain which is divided into Scotland, England, and Wales on the main island. The energy and power of our land know no such division. The magical ley lines that run from top to bottom, over and under the sea know no division. They are the blood of our land, our mother who nurtures us and feeds us all.

    Our ancestors respected the land and her blood. Traditions were kept, and everything was valued.

    The only divisions are in men’s minds.

    © 2017 Adele Marie Park


Writing stories is a passion which has been with me for as long as I can remember.

Brought up on the small Orcadian island of Rousay, I was fed tales of myth and magical beings in my everyday life.

My first expedition into world building came about when I was ten.

Ithlian and its magical dragons soaring the skies possessed me, and I spent many hours drawing maps and creating the characters and the lands they lived in.

My mother was Irish, and through her and my family, I learnt the tales of the Tuatha De Dannan and the heroes of old sagas.

This heritage plus the Orcadian heritage gave my imagination and open mind enough fodder to keep me going through some of the blackest times.

Wisp is my first published novel. Self-published last year, it was an experience that I had not been prepared for even though I read up on self-publishing. The reality is different for everyone.

Wisp 2 “Spells of Sea Dragons” has been completed and set aside for now. The editing will begin soon, then the beta readers and then the formal editing. I am hoping to self-publish it before Christmas 2017.

I have entered numerous short story competitions and find them beneficial for the learning curve they have.

I will never stop learning my craft and improving on my work.

My wish is for readers to love the stories I bring them. The memorable characters and the messages that some of my work carries.

Oh, and eventually, I want an eco built house by the sea with a round window to gaze out of. Returning to the place where all my senses come alive. The sea.


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