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My guest today is Judy Martin from Edwina’s Episodes. I met her about three years ago through our love of poetry while participating in a Haiku challenge. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see a poem from Judy on social media that brings a smile to my face. She writes with a certain sense of humor filled with the poignancy of real life.

Here is Judy, reciting a poem that has become one of my  favorites:

Poetry is written to touch our souls and connect us with our feelings, thoughts, and desires. Embrace your inner poet as Judy shares a poem about a fairy that is quite special to her.

Most of us are familiar with fairies of one kind or another. Many of us have left our baby teeth under our pillow in the hope that the ‘Tooth Fairy’ will visit and leave us some money, I know I certainly have. Funny really that kids are never scared at the prospect of a strange fairy entering their bedrooms and delving about their heads, I suppose money helps allay the fears!

I grew up reading Enid Blyton books when I was young, and fairies feature heavily in many of her stories, alongside pixies, brownies, and the magical kingdoms where they live. In fact, I still have a book left from childhood that I loved which includes a few of these wonderful characters.

Disney films are also fond of a fairy or two, particularly the Fairy Godmother. We have all heard of how they can grant wishes to ease the paths those that have suffered dreadful misfortunes; Pinocchio and Cinderella being two that immediately spring to mind.

The poem that I have written incorporates the different types of fairies that have been important to me growing up. Oh, and the image at the end is pretty close to how I imagined a fairy to look.

All You Need To Do Is Believe

By Judy Martin

You’ll probably never see me although I am always there

I like to keep my eye on things and show you that I care

I visit every night time when you have gone to bed

And sprinkle you with sleep dust As you rest your weary head.

When your baby teeth fall out, please leave them out for me

Put them under your pillow and a shiny coin you’ll see

I have been known to be naughty and like to make a mess

Or hide things that are precious in places, you cannot guess

I can also make your dreams come true and sometimes grant you wishes

I sent Cinderella to the Ball when she should have been washing dishes!

I am a beautiful young Nymphet dressed entirely in gold

Or perhaps an Elf or Brownie or a woman, very old.

I am everything you dreamed of, whatever you conceive

I spread my magic everywhere all you need to do is believe.

© 2017 Judy E. Martin

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Are you one of those people that barge through life, trying to get through it as best as you can, swimming against the everyday worries and stresses of life? Well, I have found a way to make it much more enjoyable.
Don’t you think everything sounds better when it rhymes? I certainly do. In fact, I have found that everything from doing the housework to growing older, can sound more positive and less daunting when made into a little ditty.

This book is about finding the humour or raising a smile from the everyday things that we can all relate to in life, and looking at them from a different perspective. Nothing escapes versification; there is even a subject on sex! After all, that is one subject where there is plenty of room for laughter, even if it may not be the right moment!


Judy E Martin is in her (very) early fifties and has just entered a new phase in her life. She has recently worked as an Associate Practitioner (Nursing) in the both hospital and community settings and loves it, finally finding her niche. She has just started on a new adventure as a ‘mature student’ deciding to take that final step and study for her Nursing Degree.

She has in the past, done everything from serving as a soldier in the Women’s Royal Army Corps, to helping to manage a kebab shop!

Judy has been writing humorous poems since she was a little girl. She has always had a love of words and finds expressing herself through rhyme is so appealing. She enjoys the rhythm of the words as they dance to her tune.

She draws her inspiration from everyday events that most of us can relate to and puts her unique spin on it. Her large family is often her inspiration, as is the weather, the seasons, housework, even sex. No subject is safe from manipulation into verse!

Judy lives in the beautiful county of Kent with her long-suffering husband Bob, (Mr Grump), daughter Lucinda (Miss Hap), and not forgetting Roxy, the beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, all of whom have found their way into her poems.


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