So, poetic friends… what do you think? Mick has created a new poetry form called epanalepsis. Stop by his blog and tell him what you think. <3


  1. Hello Mick,I liked epanalepsis form of poetry created by you inspires budding poets to write more.kindly visit my page hope you like my poetry

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  3. I love this! As I commented to Mick, this is terrific for many reasons, not the least of which is that repetition creates neural pathways in memory development. Seems a subtle yet persuasive way to achieve notoriety 🙂 So glad you posted this, Colleen 💜

      1. Welcome, Sis. And talk about a faux pas … I meant ‘notability,’ not ‘notoriety.’ I had just read a piece on notoriety, and my mind didn’t switch tracks. Proof that repetition works 🙂 I’ve made this error before, after reading myriad articles on you know who 💜

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