NaNoWritMo – The Heart Stone Chronicles – The Meadow Fairy, Book 2

This is the cover of The Meadow Fairy for NaNoWritMo – the actual cover will be revealed later. I’ve put Abby Forester right in the middle of paranormal activity in Colorado Springs, CO!

Today’s the day! NaNoWritMo has begun. I’m taking the entire month to work on The Meadow Fairy. I’ve had new revelations and will rework the story in a compelling new direction… so stay tuned.

In order to win NaNoWritMo, you must write 50,000 words in November. This comes to about 1,667 words a day for 30 days. I tend to fluctuate my words so I feel like I can do this.

Remember: Colleen’s poetry challenge will continue – check this post for the prompt words for November. AND, don’t forget you can’t use the prompt words! You must use synonyms! Have fun and good luck. I’ll check the post each evening and continue to tweet and comment on your poetry. <3

I intend to check in each week and give an update on my progress and share some fun tidbits along the way. All comments will be answered in the evenings.

Thanks for your support. <3 It means the world to me.

Fairy blessings to you all! <3

47 thoughts on “NaNoWritMo – The Heart Stone Chronicles – The Meadow Fairy, Book 2”

  1. I applaud you for taking on the NaNoWritMo challenge.
    I wish you a November full of great ideas and speedy writing for your book.
    I’m cheering you on (with a play on the old ‘2 bits, 4 bits cheer)
    ‘2 words’
    ‘4 words’
    ‘6 words’
    ‘a chapter’
    ‘Colleen’s writing
    faster and faster’
    ~Yeah Collen Go, go, go,~
    ~shaking poms poms and throwing confetti~

  2. Write on, Colleen! All the rodeo riding you did in October worked those writing muscles and you are in fit shape for NaNoWriMo! See you on the other side of 50,000 words!

  3. Good luck! I agree that the cover looks very good but I know what you mean about the quality of the images (it has happened to me before but I’m sure the final one will be gorgeous as well). All the best! (I’ve only done NaNoWriMo once and I didn’t find the word count too difficult to keep up with, although I was working at home. I was also writing a book in a series and I found that useful, as I didn’t need to do as much research and could just pretty much write…)

  4. The cover is gorgeous, Colleen. Why not keep it?
    Good WriMo luck!!! I was all revved up… and work this week has drained me of the will to do anything. Sigh. I’m trying to find the trail back to what i was feeling last week… But I have a BS meeting with my manager this afternoon. So my word count for day-1 might stay at zero.
    However, I’m cheering you on! WriMo-mo-mo! Hugs.

    • The cover is from and I don’t think I can use it because it isn’t very clear. Abby in the middle is a design from which those images can be used for commercial purposes. This is how I envision Abby. The hair and eyes are perfect. OH NO! A meeting with the manager is always stressful. Let me know. Now, you can do this. I want to hear this story you have devised in your brain. LOL! Unfurl those wings and get your fairy on! You can do this! <3

    • This is a frame from and Abby in the middle I found on It’s not good enough quality in pixilation to use but Wendy Anne Darling will dream something magnificent up, I know. <3


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